Unveiling the Powerhouse: R3 and M2 Off Road Electric Scooters

Unveiling the Powerhouse: R3 and M2 Off Road Electric Scooters

Circooter proudly announces a revolution in off-road electric scooters with the R3 and M2 models. Our electric scooters push the limits of performance, sustainability, and style whether you’re looking for heart-pounding Speed or environmentally responsible transportation.

The R3 Off-Road Electric Scooter 

The R3 Off Road Electric Scooter is a mobile powerhouse, not just a fun toy. Its two 800W motors provide unparalleled acceleration, giving you unrivaled power as you go forward.

Maximum Speed of 28mph: Feel the thrill as you reach a maximum speed of 28mph. The R3 is designed for off-road enthusiasts who want fast-paced experiences and can easily navigate difficult terrain.

Extended Range for Never-Ending Excitement: The R3 moves you quickly and has a lengthy lifespan. With a maximum range of 35–40 km (21–25 miles) on a single charge, your off-road excursion can become an extended journey.

M2 Off-Road Electric Scooter

Lithium-Ion Regenerative Battery:

The design of the Circooter M2 electric scooter prioritizes sustainability. With its 48V/12.5Ah regenerative lithium-ion battery, the M2 can generate 600Wh of energy, making it a power source that is both efficient and environmentally beneficial.

Up to 25 Miles Per Charge: Take the M2, which offers an amazing travel range of up to 25 miles per charge on environmentally conscious travels and a regenerative lithium-ion battery for 600Wh of energy and up to 25 miles per charge. Take longer rides without sacrificing the environment.


What distinguishes Circooter electric scooters from others?

As seen by models like the R3 and M2, Circooter electric scooters stand out for their potent performance, creative design, and dedication to sustainability. With its two 800W motors, the R3 can attain an exciting top speed of 28 mph. It guarantees power and endurance with a range of 21–25 miles on a single charge.

What drives the electric scooter M2 Off Road?

A 48V/12.5Ah regenerative lithium-ion battery that can store 600Wh of energy is a characteristic of the M2. Its environmentally friendly design can give power up to 25 kilometers with just one charge.

Are electric scooters like circooters good for city commuting?

The R3 and M2 versions are sufficiently adaptable for daily city use. They are appropriate for various terrains because of their long-range and sturdy build. Circooter electric scooters are available for purchase on our official website, circooter.co.uk. Examine the selection and select the model that best fits your adventurous lifestyle.

How long is the Circooter electric scooter warranty?

Please see our product documentation or contact our customer support staff via our website for further information about warranties.

Can I ride off-road routes on the R3 Off-Road electric scooter?

Of course! The dual motors of the R3 are specifically engineered for off-road excursions, providing exceptional acceleration and endurance.

How often is the M2 Off Road electric scooter supposed to be charged?

To guarantee optimum performance and longevity, charging the M2 is advised when the battery level is low or after each usage. Replacing components are available, yes. For help with specific parts, please visit our website or contact customer service.

What safety features are included with electric scooters from Circooter?

With features like dependable braking systems, sturdy construction, and quick handling in both the R3 and M2 models, Circooter prioritizes rider safety. For the sake of your safety when riding, always abide by local safety laws.

To see the entire selection and start your journey, visit circooter.co.uk. Each ride is an experience just waiting to be welcomed.