Overview of 5 Common Agricultural Chemical Products

Overview of 5 Common Agricultural Chemical Products

Agricultural Chemical Products refer to chemicals and chemical preparations used in agricultural production. These products include pesticides, fertilizers, seed treatment agents, livestock and poultry breeding drugs, feed additives, etc. Their use can promote the production of edible agricultural products and play an important role in the sustained and rapid development of agriculture.

Pesticides are a type of agricultural chemical products. They refer to various chemical agents used to promote and ensure the healthy growth of crops. There are many types of pesticides, which can be divided into insecticides, fungicides and herbicides according to their mode of action. First of all, pesticides can control crop diseases and insect pests, kill pests, pathogens, etc., and ensure the growth of crops. In addition, the use of pesticides can reduce insect pests and diseases in agricultural products and ensure the quality of crops. Not only that, pesticides can shorten the growth cycle of crops, increase yields and prices, and promote increased agricultural production efficiency.

Chemical fertilizers refer to fertilizers made by chemical or physical methods that contain one or several nutrients required for crop growth. They are mainly used to improve soil fertility and increase crop yield per unit area. The most common ones are nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, and potassium fertilizer, which are chemical fertilizers that are in great demand by plants. Chemical fertilizers play an important role in increasing crop production, increasing soil organic matter, unleashing the development potential of fine varieties, and developing the material basis of cash crop forests and grasslands.

Seed treatment agents are chemicals used to treat seeds to promote seed germination and increase the plant’s ability to resist pests and diseases. There are also many types of seed treatment agents, and common ones include fungicides, growth regulators, and nutrients. Currently, green research is being carried out on seed treatment agents to find new technologies for more environmentally friendly seed treatment agents. Chemical companies have launched new functional biological agents and used technologies such as microbial agents, biological enzymes and organic fertilizers to develop green seed treatment agents to promote sustainable agricultural development.

Livestock and poultry breeding drugs is one of the agricultural chemical products. It is a kind of medicine used to prevent and treat livestock and poultry diseases. There are also many types of drugs used in livestock and poultry breeding, such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins and antiparasitic drugs. Antibiotics are one of the most commonly used drugs in livestock and poultry breeding, which can prevent and treat bacterial infections in livestock and poultry. Anti-inflammatory drugs can help prevent and treat inflammatory diseases in livestock and poultry, these drugs usually include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal drugs, etc. Vitamin drugs can help livestock and poultry maintain normal physiological functions, enhance immunity, and improve production efficiency. Common vitamin drugs include vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. Antiparasitic drugs like repellents, insecticides can help prevent and treat parasitic infections in livestock and poultry.  However, attention should also be paid to rational use of livestock and poultry breeding drugs to avoid abuse.

Feed additives are chemical products used to improve the nutritional value of livestock and poultry feeds, promote growth, and prevent diseases. They refer to small or trace amounts of substances added during the production and processing of feeds. They are used in small amounts in feeds but have significant effects. Feed additives are inevitable raw materials used in the modern feed industry. They have obvious effects on strengthening the nutritional value of basic feeds, improving animal production performance, ensuring animal health, saving feed costs, and improving the quality of livestock products. There are many types of feed additives, such as Vitamins, amino acids, enzyme preparations and probiotics, etc.

In general, agricultural chemical products play an important role in agricultural production, but when using agricultural chemical products, attention should be paid to dosage control and the selection of products suitable for crops, livestock and poultry. We need to take advantage of their advantages and use them rationally, and on this basis, increase the publicity of knowledge on the scientific use of agrochemicals, strengthen the prediction of pests and diseases, and carry out research on new agrochemicals, strengthen environmental protection and promote the development of agricultural chemical products in a green and sustainable direction.