Is Amazons AMZPKK opening the floor for mainstream crypto interest?



The year 2024 is starting with a groundbreaking innovation which comes with Amazon’s launch of the AMZ Tokens, Amazon wallet and digital marketplace. Currently, the pre-sale is running to buy AMZ Tokens for 1 USD per token and this offer also comes with a bonus which depends on the purchase amount. It is possible to buy AMZ Tokens with other cryptocurrencies and store them within the Amazon wallet app to keep them there, exchange them at any time or use them on the Amazon ecosystem. These tokens can be used to buy products and services on Amazon cheaper, possibly also save transaction or shipping fees in the future.

The main purpose however will be the integration with the new digital marketplace which is about to release in this same year. This one will allow creators from all over the world to offer digital art and other products in a more simplified way and let the price be decided by price action and genuine interest. Similar marketplaces are existing in the space of NFTs but Amazon is planning to make it more accessible to users which are no experts in the scene.

Amazon launching this project has been rumored for many years but now we have the first confirmation with the wallet app to be live already and the possibility to buy the AMZ tokens. With this being just the first step of many and with possible other brands following their own digital payment systems the expectations are high as in how crypto currencies in general will develop.