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How to Switch to Remote Work if You Have Always Worked in the Office


It is very difficult for a person who has lived according to a schedule all his life, in which the main point was to get to the office, to adapt outside of it. But today’s world offers such loyal conditions that you can work in the company of your dreams without leaving home. Moreover, you can even live in one country and work in another. If you are currently thinking about which option is better and are inclined to try remote work after the office – click here.

In the meantime, read our current tips on how to switch to remote work and learn to manage your time, projects and maneuver between work and personal life.

So, to adjust to working at home or in any other convenient place for you, you first need to do some preparation.

Set Yourself up Mentally

Prepare yourself for the fact that there will no longer be colleagues from the office who tell the latest news, joke, help or support, or create competition. If you are sociable and active, then working in four walls without the opportunity to exchange a word with someone will be difficult, but in principle it is possible. The main thing is to determine for yourself a priority in which there will be several advantages in favor of this decision. Example:

– you don’t need to spend money on the train

– no one will take away working time for idle talk

– there is an opportunity to manage your work schedule

– there is a motivation to work to prove to yourself that you can be a professional without constant criticism and hints from management.

Create a Comfortable Workplace

Be sure to create a work corner for yourself or arrange an office, if you have such a luxury. The place where you will work shortly should be associated only with work. Therefore, you should not work lying on the sofa with a laptop on your stomach. Thus, the situation will in no way encourage active workflow.

To be less distracted by other family members, who in one way or another will now be constantly nearby, you can organize the zoning of your corner. The best thing is to make a desktop at home as similar as possible to the one you had in the office. Then you will get used to it much faster because old associations will already be activated.

Work on Self-Organization

Many people find it difficult to work without management, who constantly monitors all areas of the work process. And when they are left alone with the task, they do not know how to organize their time and space in such a way as to solve it easily and quickly. Although they were doing great in the office before that. To control yourself, make a list of tasks for the day, week, or month. Or break a large project into small stages and mark what has already been done one by one. Of course, you need to take breaks during work but don’t get carried away with them. Frequent absences from work contribute to the fact that it will be more difficult for you to return to work.

Fight External Distractions

These can be direct factors – there are children in the house, pets who don’t care that you are trying to work. In this case, you need to talk to the children, explain the situation and minimize contact with pets.

There are indirect factors of distraction – this is when a person voluntarily breaks away from work to look at social networks and hang out there for an hour. You also have to fight this, keep gadgets away from you while working and try to do separate tasks at the same time. For example, to check the mail in the morning and not to open it during the day. Likewise, make work calls at the same period, without needlessly spreading them throughout the day.

So by using these simple tips, you will be able to comfortably switch to remote work and feel happy at the same time.

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