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A Hardened Operation: How to Protect Your Business From Network Attacks

It’s estimated that each year cybercrime costs the United States more than four billion dollars. Sadly, no business is immune to these cyber attacks, not even small ones. Many cybercriminals are more likely to target small businesses because of their lack of security.

That’s why it’s vital to implement strategies to protect your company from network attacks today. So what are some things that you can do to improve your cybersecurity policy?

In this guide, we’ll go over some basic tips that can ensure you’re prepared in the event of a cyber attack. That way, you can save your business from a potentially catastrophic situation.

Invest in Security Software

There are a variety of different types of security software out there that can help protect your business. The specific ones you should invest in will depend on the nature of your industry.

For example, if you’re in healthcare and need to protect HIPAA-sensitive data, certain types of software can ensure you’re compliant.

That being said, all businesses can benefit from things like anti-virus software, firewalls, and IDS tools.

Adjust Your Wi-Fi Settings

If your business has its wi-fi in a public setting, you need to change it immediately. This is one of the main ways that hackers can access a network.

Make sure your wi-fi is not only private and hidden but also encrypted. Any access to the router should be password protected so that only people with the right clearance can get it.

But what should you do if your business needs to provide people with public wi-fi, like a coffee shop?

In these cases, you should make sure to get a separate wi-fi network that’s separate from the one you use to conduct business and process payroll.

Make Back-Up Copies

There are numerous types of cybercrime out there. However, one that can be particularly deadly to certain types of businesses is ransomware. This type of malware gains access to your network, which allows it to control everything from your database to your documents.

Then, they lock you out and demand a ransom in exchange for access. It’s never a good idea to try to engage with these criminals.

So one solution is to create back-copies of any important documents, databases, and files that your company might need. This will take a lot of bargaining power away from the criminals.

Secure Mobile and Physical Devices

Mobile devices might not be a huge weak point for some organizations. However, if your employees can access your corporate network on their devices, that means criminals can too.

This is especially true if they gain access to the individual’s mobile device. You can help prevent this by requiring your employees to regularly change their passwords on their mobile devices.

If they have confidential information on their phones, you should also require them to download security apps and encrypt their data. Another big threat is mobile phones or company laptops being stolen.

Make sure your employees know to secure these devices when they’re not in use. They should also have strong passwords. Additionally, make sure that the only people who have access to admin control are IT professionals.

Consider VPNs for Remote Employees

These days, more businesses than ever before are transitioning to a work-from-home environment. There’s no denying that this work model provides a lot of benefits. However, it also opens the doors for new security challenges.

You can’t secure your employee’s wifi network at their home. As such, if they’re accessing your databases and systems remotely it can allow hackers to target your business through them.

One solution to this is a VPN or a virtual private network. Encryption allows people to securely access network resources even when they’re on a public network.

That way, your employees can access potentially sensitive information even when they’re at home or on the go.

Get Your Current Security Set-Up Inspected

If you’ve already invested in your cybersecurity infrastructure and policies, you might be feeling pretty secure. However, it’s important to remember that cybersecurity isn’t a one-and-done thing.

It requires constant updates to keep up with new threats. What’s more, you also always need to be on the lookout for weak and vulnerable points. To help with this, we recommend seeking out risk assessment services.

These professionals can help identify potential cybersecurity risks in your network with security audits. Then, they can provide you with some advice on how to address them.

Create a Strong Password Policy

You need to establish strict password policies to ensure that everyone’s devices and access remain protected. We recommend requiring a password change every three months or so.

Make sure the passwords are unique and they’re not being written down in a place where someone can access them. You might also want to consider utilizing multi-factor authentication.

While this can sometimes be a pain logging in, it’s an added layer of network security that ensures that your vital systems remain safe.

Educate Your Employees

You can’t expect your employees to just be cybersecurity experts. As such, you need to make sure you properly educate them on your expectations. This starts by establishing a robust cybersecurity policy that they can follow.

It should include a lot of the things we’ve talked about, like password change rules and mobile device usage. It should also include some of the signs of phishing attempts or brute force attacks.

Next, you should have them learn it. There are multiple ways to do this. You can sign up for a digital employee education program that they need to complete. Or you can bring in an expert for a day and have them sit through educational meetings.

Regardless, just make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your cybersecurity procedures. And that includes new employees that need to be onboarded.

Appreciate Learning How to Protect Against Network Attacks? Keep Exploring

We hope this guide helped you learn more about how to protect your business from network attacks. As you can see, establishing cybersecurity policies and software can represent a significant cost.

However, remember that the cost of protection will always be less expensive than the cost of a cyberattack. Want more tech content? We have plenty of similar topics on our site so keep exploring to find them all.

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