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How to Get Rid of Residential Junk Quickly in Adelaide

When you’ve got a build up of junk at your Adelaide home, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Good rubbish removal services are hard to find if you’re not sure what you need to look for.

Next day service

The best rubbish removal services all have one thing in common and that’s next day delivery. when you need fast junk removal services, you probably have a build-up of waste in and around your home.

Not only is this potentially unsanitary, but it’s also potentially a fire risk.

House moves and rubbish removal services

Moving house is stressful at the best of times. There’s so much to think about! Not only have you got extra paperwork to deal with but there’s also packing, cleaning, managing removal of furniture and green waste removal.

Have a plan of attack

One of the best ways to manage rubbish removal is to organise your home room by room.

Don’t look at the problem as a ‘house full of rubbish’ but as several individual rooms full.

An organised approach

Move from room to room, pack the small items which you know you’re going to keep first. Next remove the furniture. Whatever is left, you can either donate to charity, give away or sell or throw it away.

One ordinary house can produce a shocking amount of rubbish, especially if you’ve lived there for several years.

Order a skip bin for rubbish removal early on in the process

Booking a skip bin for comprehensive rubbish removal is the best way to get rid of unwanted items quickly and efficiently.

Book in advance

You can order weeks or even months in advance or, if you’re in a hurry, book a reliable service for next day delivery rubbish removal.

The best rubbish removal business will offer a next day service. All you need to do is decide which type of skip bin you need.

Hard rubbish collections

You may book general waste hard rubbish removal with your local council too. Local councils offer one or two free hard rubbish collections per year.

Limits on what you can dispose of

But these free services are limited in what is allowed to be included. You may not for example include carpets in some of them and there is a limit on the weight of your rubbish too.

Skip bins make more sense

Skip bins are one of the best rubbish removal services in Adelaide because with skip hire, you have more freedom in terms of what you’re allowed to dispose of.

House moves generally result in old carpet, unwanted furniture, broken electrical items, glass, plastic, cardboard boxes and metal.

A mixed waste skip bin is a good way to deal with this sort of thing.

Removing rubbish safely

When you get your rubbish removed efficiently, you will find it much less stressful than if you try to remove it yourself via dump trips.

Skip bins are safe and effective

Skip bin hire is one of the safest and most ecologically friendly ways in which you can remove your household waste.

Never overfill a skip bin

When filling your skip bin, be sure not to overfill the container. Don’t go above the fill line. Lifting heavier rubbish is always risky if not dealt with properly.

Wheelbarrows make things easier

Most skip bins come with an opening at the rear. This is to allow users to use a wheelbarrow for heavier rubbish.

Be sure to take care when lifting heavy rubbish and junk.

Asbestos concerns

If you have booked rubbish removal in Adelaide because you’ve done some DIY such as taken out cupboards or other fitted portions of your home, then asbestos is a real concern.

Asbestos can be hidden and disguised – exercise caution

Asbestos can hide within homes in the most unexpected areas such as flooring and tiles. Never attempt to remove asbestos yourself. If your home was built before 2003 which is when asbestos was banned in Australia, you should be wary.

Construction sites, even domestic ones need careful management with regards to asbestos and if you have any questions or concerns about it, visit www.asbestossafety.gov.au

Green waste removal in Adelaide

If you’re moving house, it’s likely that you will want to leave a tidy garden. You may therefore need to do some weeding and perhaps trimming of trees and shrubs as well as general removal of rubbish.

Green skip bins

Green rubbish removal Adelaide is easy to manage thanks to the fact that you can book a skip bin just for green waste.

Rubbish removal Adelaide is easy when you have a choice. Book a green rubbish collection if you have more than your council green bin can handle.

What can I put in a green rubbish skip?

Green skip bins can take weeds, branches, small tree stumps, plants, flowers, leaves, palm fronds etc.

Rubbish removal is eco-friendly when you do it right

Rubbish removal isn’t always a risk to the environment. When you book a skip bin, you should be aware that your waste will be sorted out and anything which is recyclable will be processed accordingly.

Reuse and recycle

Rubbish removal needn’t equal more junk in landfill. Skip bin services are well-organised and aware of their role in recycling. The best almost always have a strong relationship with recycling plants.

Which type of skip should I book?

Always a common question if you’re new to booking skip bins for rubbish removal. It’s easy to select the right skip bins when you’re aware of the different types of skip bin available to remove rubbish.

There are a number of skips available including –

Green skip bins for garden waste

Mixed waste skip bins

Concrete/brick skip bins

Soil/dirt skip bins

Choosing the correct skip for waste collection is as simple as looking at your rubbish and working out which you have in excess.

What items cannot go into skip bins for rubbish removal?

There are a few things which cannot be placed in skips for waste collection. They include the following –


Fluorescent light tubes

Medical waste




If you have any of these in your rubbish piles, you will need to visit your council’s recycling hub. Most local Adelaide councils have dedicated spots for discarding batteries and other e-waste. Sometimes, libraries have special bins in place.

If you’re unsure, contact your local council or skip bin supplier to enquire about particular waste types.

Adelaide rubbish removal – friendly and helpful

Adelaide rubbish removal is generally easy to book and manage. There are various guidelines in place for contractors and they know how difficult it can be for people who are already busy.

Skips all year-round

You can book a skip bin to come to your home on most days of the year and you can ask for the skip bin for as long as you need it.

You don’t need to fill it up immediately but can hire the skip for weeks if that’s what you prefer.

Adelaide rubbish removal specialists will generally park the skip bin in a sensible place but if you have any concerns about this, always let your contractor know in advance. Your unwanted rubbish will soon be out of your way.

Be sure to ask questions about waste removal or about prohibited materials before you book. There are some weight limits to consider so if you have a lot of stone, brick or concrete, bear this in mind.


Never let your rubbish get wet before or whilst it is in the skip for waste disposal. Wet waste weighs a lot more than dry and you may find you get charged more. Garden waste should be stored whilst dry if possible.

Cover rubbish with waterproof sheets if it has to be outside. Weigh the sheets down with bricks or pegs to ensure no water gets inside.

Place your skip bin in a spot which is easy to access from your house or garden. This will ensure you don’t need to carry things too far.

When packing your waste into your skip bin, make sure you break down boxes or old furniture where possible. Lay flat pieces at the base of the skip bin to save space.

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