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Dog Walking Dubai Services – Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy


The good news is that your canine companion can get the exercise it needs while living in the bustling city of Dubai. Many pet owners who cannot walk their pets can find professional dog walking Dubai services to keep their pets healthy and happy. This article will explain what these services offer, their benefits, the cost, safety tips, laws and regulations, and other relevant information to ensure your four-legged friend is getting the proper exercise.

Overview Dog Walking Dubai Services

Dog Walking Dubai Services provides much more than simply walking with your pup. It is a specialized service that provides pet owners with the peace of mind that their pup is receiving the physical exercise and healthy outdoor stimulation it needs. A professional dog walker in Dubai can provide additional loving attention, shorter bathroom breaks, and customized experiences tailored to your pup’s size, breed, and age.

Benefits of Professional Dog Walking Services

The apparent benefits of scheduling professional dog walking services include essential physical exercise and mental stimulation for your pup. Walking benefits dogs in numerous ways, from calming down aggressive behavior to preventing boredom and reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, hip dysplasia, and other health problems.

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Other benefits include giving your pet gender-friendship, socialization with other neighborhood dogs, enriching their training experience, and quality time outdoors with their walker. Professional dog walking can also save you time and energy when you come home from work or are too busy to make the walk yourself.

Dog Walking Dubai Costs

The cost of regular dog walking services in Dubai typically falls between AED 30 and AED 50 per 30 minutes, depending on the provider and location. Many professional dog walkers in Dubai offer discounted packages when you book several walks at once. Additionally, most providers offer a free trial walk where your pup can get familiar with and build trust with the dog walker.

Dog Walking Safety Tips

You can take several essential steps to ensure your pup’s safety while being taken for a walk. Dog walking safety tips include:

  • Provide the dog walker with an updated picture of your pet.
  • Do your best to make sure the dog walker is experienced and insured.
  • Keep an eye out for incidents related to the dog walker.
  • Never leave a leash attached to a post or fence.
  • Make sure to have plenty of water and treats for your four-legged friend.

How to Choose the Right Dog Walking Service

To choose the best dog walking service in Dubai, determine your desired services. Consider whether the provider offers longer or shorter walks, walks with other neighborhood dogs, customized sessions for your pup, and other services. Secondly, research potential providers and determine whether they are experienced, insured, and can provide an appropriate schedule for your dog.

Dog Walker Laws and Regulations in Dubai

Dog walking laws and regulations in Dubai vary from location to location. Dog owners must consult local government authorities for information about their area’s specific rules and regulations before hiring a Dog Walker. Additionally, law enforcement will require evidence of insurance before the dog walker can start working on your behalf. Lastly, the owners should ensure that their home is adequately secure and that their pup has no safety risks if they leave it alone.

Dog Walking Supplies and Gear

To ensure your pup’s safety and comfort, you must have the correct type of dog walking supplies and gear. This should include an adequately fitted leash, paw-friendly booties, a folding water bowl, a seat belt harness, plenty of treats, and a good-quality harness and collar. Additionally, some dog owners may need to purchase a canine first aid kit to keep the pup safe during walks in an emergency.

Dog Walker Insurance in Dubai

When searching for the correct dog walking service in Dubai, ensure the provider has the necessary insurance coverage for your pup. All dog walkers are legally required to have an insurance policy that provides coverage for any costs related to the care of their pet during the walk.

FAQs About Dog Walking Dubai Services

Q: How many times a month can I hire a Dog Walker to look after my pup?

A: Typically, a dog should get around 8-10 walks a month in addition to regular playtime at home. This will depend on your pup’s size, breed, age, and activity level.

Q: Do I need to stay home with my pup during the walk?

A: Some dog walking services allow the owner to leave their pup with the walker for as little as 20 minutes. However, for longer durations, it is advisable to stay nearby and supervise to ensure that your pup receives the exercise and outdoor stimulation it needs.

Q: What safety precautions should I take when leaving my pup with a Dog Walker?

A: You should always ensure your pup’s security is a priority. Make sure to read the reviews of the chosen provider, ask to see their license and insurance, and inspect the walking equipment they will be using. Additionally, notify the provider of essential details about your pup, such as behavior problems, health concerns, or allergies.


If you’re seeking professional care for your pup while living in Dubai, it is worth exploring the wonderful dog walking Dubai services available. You will be able to find walkers who use all of the safety-mentioned tools and tips while keeping your pup healthy and safe on its outdoor adventures. Look for certified and experienced dog walkers who understand how important it is to take good care of your puppy and provide the best possible experience for them.

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