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Cheapest Way to Move Your Vehicle

Choosing open auto transport is the most economical option when shipping your car on a low-cost journey. This approach, which usually saves you about $400 on expenses, entails your car travelling on an open trailer and facing the weather without walls. Don’t settle for just one quote if you want an even more affordable ride; by comparing quotes, you can make sure you get the best offer for your needs. 

Take into account the distance, your location, and the kind of transportation needed; these factors will affect the total cost. In order to get the best deal, plan ahead, go with open transport, and personally select the provider that best suits your particular needs. When it comes to auto shipping, wise decisions open the door to affordability. Get free quote by using our car shipping cost calculator without any personal information

Exploring the Cheapest Options

When considering the most affordable way to ship your car, driving it yourself comes out as a more affordable choice, yet one that has advantages and disadvantages of its own. 

Driving your car

Driving a car is like starting on a road trip with your vehicle, saving you money along the way. You get to decide where to go and you know your car inside and out, which makes it awesome. But this great adventure has a dark side as well. It takes a long time, like, a very long time, and the miles on your car could cause wear and tear. Additionally, an extended period of driving can cause extreme fatigue. Therefore, even though this car quest is affordable, it has its own set of stories—some amazing, some a little difficult.

Advantages                                         Details
Driving your car


Driving your car is budget-friendly, involving only fuel and, perhaps, accommodation costs. This can save money compared to other transportation options.                                        

Familiar with the car

You know your vehicle inside out, which means you can handle any unexpected issues better than someone unfamiliar with your car. This can provide a sense of confidence during the journey.


The road trip offers the freedom to set your own schedule and make spontaneous detours, making the journey more adaptable and adventurous. 


Disadvantages  Details 


Road trips can take a lot of time, particularly when they’re far away. Your routine might be disturbed, and you might need to take more time off from work or other obligations. 

Wear and tear on the car 

Hours of driving can cause wear and tear on your car, which could increase the cost of maintenance. After the trip, regular checks and potential repairs might be required.


Extended periods of time spent behind the wheel can cause driver fatigue, which can affect traveller safety and overall enjoyment. Getting enough sleep is essential to decreasing this disadvantage..


Open car transport

Advantages  Details

Most affordable option

Open vehicle transport stands out as the budget-friendly choice, typically costing less compared to enclosed alternatives. This makes it a practical option for those looking to save money on vehicle transportation

Good for non-luxury vehicles

This method is particularly suitable for non-luxury vehicles, as they are well-suited to withstand the exposure during transit. It is a practical and economical choice for everyday cars


Disadvantage Details 

Car exposed to weather elements

The primary drawback of open car transport is that your vehicle is exposed to the elements throughout the journey. Weather conditions like rain, sun, or dust can impact the exterior of the car during transit. Protective measures are limited in this open setup.

Potential for minor damage

While the risk is relatively low, there is potential for minor damage during open transport. Flying debris, road dust, or small rocks may cause minor scratches or dings on the vehicle’s surface. However, it’s essential to note that significant damage is rare.


Enclosed car transport

Advantages Details

Protects the car from weather and damage

Enclosed car transport is a premium choice because it shields your vehicle from various weather elements and potential road debris. This added protection is especially beneficial for preserving the pristine condition of luxury or high-value vehicles during transit.

Good for luxury vehicles

This method is well-suited for luxury vehicles that require extra care and protection. Enclosed transport ensures that high-end cars travel in a secure and controlled environment, minimising the risk of any external damage.


Disadvantages Details

More expensive than open transport

The main drawback of enclosed car transport is its higher cost compared to open transport. The added protection and premium service come at a higher price point, making it a more expensive option for those looking to transport their vehicles


Shipping your car via train        

Advantages Details

Cost-effective for long distances

Shipping your car via train is often more cost-effective, especially for long distances. Trains are fuel-efficient and can transport multiple vehicles simultaneously, contributing to lower overall costs compared to other methods.


Trains are generally more fuel-efficient than individual cars, contributing to lower environmental impact and reduced fuel costs. This efficiency becomes an advantage for both cost savings and environmental considerations.

Disadvantages  Details

Limited availability

Train car transport might have limited availability depending on the specific route and location. Availability constraints can be a challenge, especially if the train network does not cover certain regions extensively

Longer delivery times

While cost-effective, shipping via train can result in longer delivery times compared to other faster modes of transportation. This delay may be a disadvantage for those seeking a quicker turnaround for their vehicle delivery.

Not ideal for short distances

Shipping your car via train may not be the most suitable option for short distances. The cost-effectiveness and fuel efficiency advantages are more pronounced when dealing with longer transportation routes, making it less attractive for nearby destinations.


Budgeting and Cost-Saving Strategies

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Reduced expenses strategies examine every facet of a company’s operations, from office space to storage, acting as financial detectives. Comparing these expenses to the budget and performing a financial health check are essential. Any area that greatly exceeds the budget is cause for concern and needs to be addressed right away. Like watchful captains, businesses need to react quickly and make necessary adjustments to ensure smooth financial sailing.

Compare quotes from multiple car shipping companies

Getting quotes from different companies is a smart idea when planning your budget for car shipping, much like you would when comparing prices at a store. 

You can determine which quote is the most economical without sacrificing quality by comparing these quotes. It’s an easy but smart step to make sure the trip of your car doesn’t break the bank.

Consider shipping your car during the off-season for lower rates

Choosing to ship a car in the off-season can be a wise financial decision, much like spotting deals on airfare during slower travel periods. 

Reduced demand frequently results in cheaper prices, so you can cut expenses on transportation without compromising the calibre of the services. Choosing to ship your car during these off-peak times is a wise and cost-effective decision.

Ask for discounts for AAA members, seniors, military personnel, etc

Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts when scheduling auto shipping, particularly if you’re a senior, a AAA member, or in the military. Similar to receiving exclusive benefits at a store, these connections frequently grant access to special transportation cost savings. It’s an easy yet efficient way to reduce the cost of your car shipping experience.

Prepare your car properly to avoid additional charges for cleaning or damage

Preparing your car for shipment correctly acts as a financial buffer against unforeseen expenses. You can concentrate on having a seamless and economical transportation experience by making sure everything is clean and taking care of any potential damages beforehand, which reduces the possibility of extra charges. Being prepared can help you protect your finances while having your car shipped.

Consider driving to a closer pick-up or drop-off location

Selecting a closer location for vehicle shipping pickup or drop-off is a calculated decision similar to cutting back on wasteful expenses. Reducing the distance not only reduces transportation costs but also simplifies the logistics, increasing the overall process’ effectiveness and economy. Choosing proximity turns into a sensible move for a hassle-free, cost-effective vehicle shipping experience.

Utilise alternative methods like carpooling or shared shipping options

Adopting alternate strategies like transportation or shared shipping options is an innovative way to reduce the cost of car transportation. It’s similar to carpooling with your own car, promoting an economical and communal solution. Sharing the journey not only helps to reduce costs but also makes the process more socially and environmentally responsible.

Additional Considerations

Factors to consider when choosing a car shipping company

Your decision-making process when selecting a vehicle shipping company should be guided by a number of important factors.

Experience and reputation

Experience and reputation should be given top priority when choosing a car shipping company. To ensure dependability throughout the transportation process, look for a supplier with a track record of success. A company’s good reputation is a sign of reliability as a car shipping cost calculator, so it should be taken into consideration when choosing a safe and trustworthy car shipping service.

Insurance coverage

Make sure the vehicle shipping company you choose has comprehensive insurance coverage. To protect your car while it is being transported and to give you the necessary security against unanticipated circumstances, comprehensive insurance is a must. This element is essential for peace of mind because it guarantees that your vehicle is insured in the event of any unforeseen mishap while travelling.

Licence and certification

Give certified and licensed auto shipping companies top priority. This guarantees adherence to rules and industry standards, demonstrating a dedication to dependable and high-quality service. Selecting a provider who is certified and licensed offers you the assurance that your car will be handled correctly and in accordance with rules and regulations.

Customer reviews and ratings

A car shipping company’s customer reviews and ratings are important considerations. Feedback from actual customers provides important information about the effectiveness, dependability, and satisfaction of the business. By reading these reviews, you can make an informed choice and select a reliable partner for your vehicle shipping requirements.

Preparing your car for shipping

Starting the process of getting your car ready for shipping is similar to sending it for a spa day before its exciting journey. Give your car a thorough detailing to start, making the inside and outside shine with excitement.

Bid farewell to personal belongings as your car enters its calm pre-shipment retreat, resulting in a calm, clutter-free sanctuary. Check and replenish all of its fluids to give it a refreshing treat and make sure it’s ready for the journey ahead. Before the trip begins, record any existing marks or particulars on your car to create a travel journal of its own journey history. This will allow your car to speak its own words. Your car becomes a VIP that is prepared to cruise in elegance and shine on with this careful preparation, not just a means of transportation.

Tips for driving your car long distance

Make sure your car is in excellent condition before going on a long-distance drive by having regular maintenance and inspections. Consider it an inspection of your car’s health prior to the trip. Create a roadmap for a seamless and pleasurable journey by arranging your route and rest stops ahead of time.

To be ready for anything unexpected, keep an eye on the weather and road conditions. Throughout the journey, make sure you and your car stay energised by taking regular breaks to prevent fatigue. With these pointers, your long drive turns into a planned, enjoyable adventure rather than just a trip.

Final Remarks

It’s important to carefully weigh your options when deciding on the most economical vehicle relocation method, such as open auto transport or taking a cheap road trip. 

Finding a reliable shipping company, taking advantage of discounts, and thoroughly preparing your car are all important for a successful and affordable move. Whether you choose to drive or investigate shared shipping, making well-informed decisions that fit your budget is essential. To make an economical decision, don’t forget to evaluate quotes, make a plan, and rank important considerations. Happy travels!

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