Cheapest Car Insurance Policy in Nevada For 2022


Nevada law mandates that motorists always have insurance documentation in their automobiles. Nevada also law mandates that motorists carry liability insurance with limits of at least $25,000 per injured person, $50,000 per accident, and $20,000 per incident of property damage. Drivers on a tight budget can look into minimal coverage policies, which are the most cost-effective choice.

Accident costs typically exceed the minimum coverage policy’s limits, although Las Vegas insurance companies’ requirements for auto insurance are among the lowest in any state.

The following are some of Nevada’s best and cheapest car insurance policies

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It’s important to know the types of auto insurance so that you are always secure. Some variables, such as your location, vehicle make and model, and credit history, will determine your actual rate. Insurers also consider your driving record.

1. Nevada’s Young Drivers Can Find Affordable Coverage

Insurance companies assess young drivers as more of a danger due to their lack of experience behind the wheel, and as a result, they charge them more for automobile coverage. In Nevada, a driver under 25 pays an average of $1,737 annually for car insurance, while a driver over 25 spends an average of $4,484 yearly.

For drivers aged 16 to 25, Allstate offers the best rates in Nevada at an average of $4,066 annually, while GEICO offers the best rates for drivers aged 25 to 29 at an average of $1,142 annually. The difference over nine years amounts to $2,924 each year.

2. The Lowest Cost Nevada State Minimum Liability Auto Insurance

In Nevada, the cheapest auto insurance policy is the minimum liability policy. The coverage is minimal and is simple enough to satisfy the law in each state. The firms below have been found to offer minimum liability auto insurance in Nevada at the lowest rates:

  • GEICO: $612 yearly

Minimum liability insurance from USAA is the most cost-effective alternative for military members and their families, with an average annual payment of $520. Farmers have the highest annual premium in Nevada for minimal liability insurance, at about $1,523.

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3. Nevada Seniors Can Get the Best Rates on Auto Insurance

Those over 65 in Nevada will pay more for auto insurance than drivers in the middle of their policy terms. The average cost of full coverage for a senior driver in the state is $2,096, or about $102 more than the rate for a motorist under 40. In Nevada, senior drivers can find some of the best rates on comprehensive auto insurance from the following companies:

  • Insurance from GEICO costs an annual average of $1,374.
  • $1,683 per year with State Farm.

USAA’s $1,158 annual average rate for Nevada seniors with a military past is the lowest you’ll find. Seeking discounts for driver safety classes, low mileage, and reliable vehicles can help older drivers save money on auto insurance.

4. Nevada Drivers with Tickets Pay Less for Auto Insurance

Minor infractions, such as speeding fines, result in higher premiums in Nevada. The average annual premium for comprehensive car insurance is $2,471, compared to $1,994 for drivers with no moving infractions. If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Nevada, you can get the best deals on comprehensive vehicle insurance from the following companies:

  • $1,561 annually with GEICO
  • An annual premium of $1,865 with State Farm

The average annual rate for a Nevada driver with a ticket is $1,141 with USAA, making it the cheapest option for service members. Your insurance premiums could increase if you are pulled over for inattentive driving. If you want to keep your auto insurance rates low, the best thing you can do is to slow down and pay attention when driving.

5. Nevada DUI Drivers Can Find Affordable Car Insurance

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Drivers in Nevada convicted of a serious traffic offenses like DUI pay a higher rate each year. Auto insurance in Nevada costs an average of $1,994 per year for drivers without a DUI but $3,046 per year for drivers with a DUI. Full coverage auto insurance in Nevada is often the least expensive from:

  • An annual premium of $1,865 with State Farm
  • Annual premium for Allstate coverage: $2,537

USAA’s average annual rate for a driver with a DUI is $2,004, which is significantly lower than the national average. In addition to the monetary costs associated with legal representation, additional social repercussions are associated with a DUI conviction. Your car insurance premium is going to go higher as a result.

The accompanying graph depicts the average increase in premiums for car insurance in Nevada following a DUI conviction. Compare insurance quotes from many companies to find the best price.

6. The Lowest Rates in Nevada For Drivers Who Cause an Accident

Car insurance premiums are more expensive for drivers who have caused an accident. An at-fault accident in Nevada will cost you an extra $2,882 per year in premiums, according to research by MoneyGeek. The following companies have, on average, the lowest premiums for Nevada drivers who have caused an accident:
  • With GEICO, a yearly premium of $1,908 is required.

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  • Insurance premiums from State Farm cost an annual average of $1,996.

The average cost of a USAA policy for a motorist with at least one at-fault accident in Nevada is $1,357 per year, making it the state’s most affordable option for such drivers.

7. Nevada Bad Credit Auto Insurance – Cheapest Rates in the U.S

Auto insurance rates in Nevada are often higher for drivers with poor credit. In Nevada, drivers with poor credit pay an average of $3,599 yearly for full coverage auto insurance, while those with excellent credit pay only about $1,994. Insurance rates for Nevada drivers with poor credit tend to be lowest with the following firms.

  • Insurance from GEICO costs an annual $1,679
  • Tourists: $2,319 annually

USAA offers a low-priced full coverage policy for Nevada drivers with bad credit of around $1,871 annually to those affiliated with the military.

Take Away

Only sometimes will the cheapest option be the best option. Purchasing a premium from one of the cheapest insurance companies might help you balance cost and customer service. You may also obtain a lower premium by purchasing less coverage, which often results in less protection. In Nevada, minimum auto insurance coverage does not include protection against on- and off-road vehicle damage.