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Business Students Get a Deal from Ed-Tech Company to Save Money on Textbooks


SolutionInn, an emerging educational technology company based in the US, provides business students with a great opportunity to save money on textbooks. The company announces free print textbooks for US students pursuing their degrees in business, engineering, science, social sciences, and an array of graduation and post-graduation degree programs. 

Over 3,000 free textbooks have been demonstrated on the website, further categorized into business, engineering, science, and high school books. Students interested in free books can browse these categories to find the required book. The website also has an advanced search filter that enables them to speed up the process to search and get free textbooks. Enter the book name, author name, or ISBN to reach the target.   

In addition to free books, students also get textbook solutions for improved learning, concept building, exam preparation, and higher grades in results. From difficult science concepts to problematic mathematical equations, the immense textbook solution library of SolutionInn has detailed answers and clear explanations for almost all of your questions. 

Get yourself registered on the website, become a member, and enjoy unlimited access to textbook questions and answers. These solutions are a great alternative to tutoring. Students who don’t have access to quality resources either because of financial restraints or their disadvantaged locations can boost their learning with these step-by-step, detailed, and comprehensive answers.   

How Students Can Save Money on Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive and not every student can afford to buy hardcover books. The websites to get free textbooks can greatly help students in reducing their costs and getting essential books for classrooms. Digital libraries and open educational resource (OER) websites have played a significant role in reducing students’ financial burdens. However, neither of these platforms offers print books. SolutionInn provides free print textbooks to students to help them ensure access to compulsive books for classrooms without paying a price. There is no need to pay or return these books to the supplier at the end of the academic year or semester. 

Free Textbooks for Business Students

The educational website has learning resources and reading materials for students pursuing their degrees in various subjects. However, students learning accounting, finance, economics, taxation, or any other business-related subject get a special deal here. There are thousands of free books available particularly for business students. The list also covers widely regarded books that mostly professors recommend to students for improved learning or mastering a subject. Students can also find here essential books that they are required to carry to their classrooms.  

Improved Learning at Zero Cost

You don’t need to invest in extra coaching classes to prepare for exams or improve your academic performance. The online learning platform connects subject matter experts with students to help them learn various concepts and better prepare for assessments and final exams. The entire process is efficient and cost-effective. Whether you need immediate help with homework or assignments or want to improve your overall academic performance, the platform serves you well.   

Learn Accounting from Experts

You don’t always need to attend college to learn a skill, thanks to online learning websites like SolutionInn. Whether you are an aspiring accountant or a practicing manager, you can up your game of accounting by getting free books on accounting or by learning from the experts at your pace. 

Essential Books for Classrooms

Ensuring access to essential textbooks at the start of every semester is no longer problematic for students. In addition to campus libraries and digital libraries, students can browse the educational technology website to get the needed book without increasing their financial burdens.

About SolutionInn

The US-based online learning platform primarily provides students with textbook solutions and online tutoring. The website started its free book program to expand its members base and make learning resources accessible and affordable for every student irrespective of their financial background. 


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