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Australia vs. New Zealand: Where is better to study?


Two countries as distant as they are attractive to study English abroad. Australia vs. New Zealand: where is it better to study.

Is it better to study in Australia or study in New Zealand?

Deciding the destination to which we are going to study abroad is not easy. On what can we base ourselves to make the decision of which is better? Obviously, we each have to answer that question, according to our tastes and needs.

However, although these are very similar countries, there are several differences that will surely help you a lot to take them into account when choosing where it is better to study, in Australia or New Zealand. Be sure to read the following parts to get more information.

Cost of living

Both Australia and New Zealand are countries with a high cost of living and very high wages. New Zealand is slightly cheaper than Australia. However, keep this in mind as a general fact, since both the expenses and the salary will vary a bit depending on the city you choose.

The weather

For lovers of the sun and the beach, Australia is undoubtedly better, since it is a country with a better climate and more variety, from tropical to drier. Australia is your study destination if you love water sports, such as surfing, scuba diving and days at the beach.

New Zealand has a cooler and wetter climate, with fewer contrasts. Of course, some landscapes that lend themselves to both hiking and photography, ideal if what you like is adventure and mountain sports.

Study opportunities and English courses

Compared to other developed countries, the cost of studying in Australia at TOP universities is lower and the range of options is wider than in New Zealand, in addition to the fact that there are a wide range of schools to study English.

In New Zealand there are also world-renowned educational institutions of the highest level, and the good thing is that there are very few Spanish-speaking students, which is very positive for a total immersion in learning English.


In Australia, the student visa allows you to work part-time (24 hours) during the study period and full-time on vacation (48 hours per week). And, in addition to the fact that the salary is one of the highest in the world, there is a high level of employability, so it will be very easy for you to find a job.

In New Zealand, with a student visa you can work part-time (20 hours a week) during the study period and full-time (40 hours or sometimes more) during the holidays, with which you can also cover your expenses and obtain work experience, as well such as language skills.

Public transport

In both countries the public transport network is of excellent quality. The big difference occurs when you plan to move and get to know the country a little. Distances in Australia are kilometers long, while New Zealand is a much smaller country.

The cities

The main cities in Australia (over 4 million inhabitants) are two: Sydney and Melbourne, the intermediate cities are three: Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, the rest of the cities in Australia are cities that we can consider small because they have less than 1 million inhabitants, such as: Gold Coast, Hobart and Cairns. New Zealand being a much smaller country offers less diversity, there is Auckland which is the largest city in the country with around 2 million inhabitants and then there is the capital of the country – Wellington and on the south island – Christchurch both small cities, but no less interesting for this.

Apply for the study visa

If you are going to study, both countries are open and like the idea of receiving international students. The economic solvency that you will have to demonstrate will be similar and in both countries the probability that your student visa will be approved will be very high. The big difference is in the price of the application, the New Zealand study visa costs around 270 NZD and the Australian study visa costs 550 AUD plus the cost of medical examinations, as these are mandatory. It may interest you: How to apply for an Australian student visa step by step.

So, if we have to choose between Australia and New Zealand, which is better to go to study? The decision is difficult, because both are super interesting, precious countries with great opportunities. Of course, each in their own way. It is not the same to be at the beach all day than to climb a mountain every week. What do you prefer?

Best of all, whichever you choose, the experience will change your life.

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