A Business Owner’s Guide on How to Choose the Best Customer Service Chatbot

Owning your own business is the American Dream, but it’s rife with obstacles and shortcomings that can turn your dream into a nightmare. An alarming fraction (nearly two-thirds) of your customer base will cease business as a reaction to poor customer service.

As a business owner, retention is as important as generating new clientele. Creating an easy, convenient environment for your customer to express their concerns, complaints, and everything in between is indicative of a successful business. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best customer service chatbot.

Choose a Bot That Knows When to Appear

One of the most frustrating things for a customer is not being able to find the help they deserve.

If they’re navigating around your website in need of help, and they can’t locate assistance, they’ll close the tab. And that’s business you’ll likely not get back.

Select a chatbot that has the smart ability to introduce itself. Instead of the customer combing through settings, the bot should make itself known at the right time.

But that’s a tricky line to walk. This company has a pretty good handle on this capability.

An incessant bot can also annoy a potential client. If it’s constantly asking the user if it can be of assistance, it can have the same negative effect of not being there at all. Select a chatbot that’ll introduce itself after a timed delay or some triggered event on the website.

The Best Customer Service Chatbot Has NLP

A big putoff for customers is knowing they’re having the wool pulled over their eyes. No chatbot can pass the Turing Test, but it certainly has to blend in well.

This “blending in” is a result of natural language processing. This is a subdivision of artificial intelligence. Through hours and hours of painstaking training, a chatbot can learn the ebbs and flows of human-like conversation.

You must pick a chatbot that comes with an NLP feature, otherwise don’t bother with a bot.

A Bot With All of the Charts

What’s the good of a bot if it’s not collecting any analytics for you?

Choose a chatbot that comes with all of the bells and whistles. It should be able to record interaction time, results, customer satisfaction, and more. This way, the bot comes with a built-in grading system.

That data is also invaluable feedback for your business. It can show how lacking or successful your business is doing in the customer service department.

The analytics will also reveal a lot of traffic footprints, business data, and other invaluable patterns for your business. Having a bot preloaded with analytical tools is well worth the cost.

The Best Customer Rep in Town

It’s no trade secret that customer service is mandatory for customer satisfaction. Without adequate CS, your clientele will flee. Choosing the best customer service chatbot can alleviate this concern.

You should pick a bot that knows when to introduce itself and one that has NLP. It should also include analysis tools.

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