In today’s fast-paced and competitive business industry, an MBA has emerged as a powerful catalyst for professional growth. This degree equips you with the advanced knowledge and skills necessary to grow your career, opening many doors to a plethora of opportunities. If you hail from Sri Lanka, then it is one of the best academic credentials to pursue to advance your career internationally.

Even the financial uncertainties facing the country haven’t prevented Sri Lankan students from pursuing MBA degrees. Therefore, whether you’re enhancing your expertise or broadening your network, obtaining a master’s degree in business administration is a good idea.

Earn Your MBA Online

Many busy professionals or students working part-time can’t juggle their jobs and education at the same time. Lucky for them, online MBA programs offer more flexibility and freedom to these professionals. Thanks to distance learning opportunities, you can get US-accredited degrees without even leaving your homeland. For instance, you can get an MBA degree in Sri Lanka.

So, specialize in a field of your choice (AI or eCommerce) and benefit from quality American learning, which is 100% online. That’s how you study at your own pace and keep your full-time work.

Today, thousands of Sri Lankan students are enrolled in different universities in the United States. But, with an online degree, you don’t even need to move to advance your education. An online institute like Nexford University lets you gain the very same business administration skills online. So, you can pursue Nexford University’s online MBA in Sri Lanka to help boost your career. Here’s how.

1. Enhance Your Credibility

If you wish to enhance your professional credibility, then pursue an MBA from a reputable institute. Joining an American university will give your resume that much-needed boost, honing your reputation as a genuine scholar of business administration skills.

Even a US-accredited online degree carries a significant weight in the business world. It shows your rigorous academic foundation, acting as a magnet to better career opportunities.

2. It’s an Affordable Degree

If you think an MBA from America will cost too much, consider a distance learning program. An online MBA in Sri Lanka is affordable, and you can finish this US-accredited degree in just 18 months.

Don’t forget that the private evening MBA programs are catered to busy professionals and may not have the same credibility as US-accredited degrees. So, obtaining an online MBA is a more affordable option than enrolling in a local university offering business administration programs.

3. You’ll be More Marketable

Your enhanced reputation can open doors to diverse leadership roles, increasing your marketability across various industries. For instance, studies show that 9 out of 10 MBA grads in the Asia-Pacific region landed a job before graduating. This statistic should be enough to prove the high demand for this degree. That’s why listing an MBA on your resume is the perfect career boost for you.

As an MBA graduate, you’ll be equipped with the critical thinking and communication skills needed to overcome common barriers to business, attracting the attention of the world’s top employers.

4. Develop Key Business Skills

The primary reason to pursue an MBA is to grow your key business skills. These skills attract top hiring managers around the world and make you eligible to run a successful company’s massive and highly profitable business operations. So, after graduating with an online MBA, you will be confident enough to take on common workplace challenges and serve in leadership positions in a company.

An MBA gives you better teamwork and leadership skills. You excel at communicating, idea-sharing, and critical thinking. These soft skills are necessary for any modern business manager.

5. Expand your Professional Network

Boosting your business career isn’t just about expanding your knowledge; you also have to grow your professional network. Now, anyone can do the basics of networking, such as creating a LinkedIn account and connecting with industry professionals. However, an MBA program provides you with a proper platform to effectively network with fellow business experts and future industry leaders.

6. You’ll Get a Major Salary Boost

MBA graduates often command higher salaries due to their advanced skills and knowledge. Surveys show that Sri Lankan business professors make a starting salary of almost 65,000 LKR monthly, which is equivalent to $200/month. However, getting a US-accredited MBA online will lead to a significant salary increase, and you may be accepted for a job at some international company.

That’s why the ROI of an MBA is significantly higher than similar degrees, making it a top choice for many Sri Lankan students.

7. Get More Employment Opportunities

An MBA can fast-track your career by opening doors to senior management and executive positions. After all, US-accredited MBAs make you job-ready for the American business industry, where almost 90% of employers back in 2022 were willing to hire business administration graduates.

So, if you’re looking to transition to a career in business or upgrade to a better-paying position, then an MBA degree is the perfect way to become eligible for leadership positions in a company.

8. Nurture a Global Perspective

A US-accredited MBA includes international components as well, preparing students for a globalized job market. Companies today need business managers familiar with international business standards and cross-cultural skills, capable of working across different time zones.

That’s why most MBA programs have international business coursework while some courses provide students with study abroad opportunities to further hone their managerial skills.

9. Learn about Entrepreneurship

Not every MBA graduate decides to pursue traditional jobs. In Sri Lanka alone, every fifth graduate becomes an entrepreneur after finishing their MBA degree. That’s because an MBA equips you with the skills and knowledge to start and manage your own business. You’ll learn what makes a common business fail and how to avoid the common pitfalls facing an average business owner.

Final Words

In a nutshell, an MBA degree can be the exact game-changer you’re looking for to advance your career. Both recent graduates and seasoned professionals should consider getting an MBA; it’s better if you do it online. Make yourself more marketable, boost your reputation, hone your skills, and develop your major business skills with an MBA. That’s how you can be eligible for international employment opportunities.