6 Tips to Become a Bartender With No Experience


If you want to start a career as a bartender but need more experience, there are some helpful steps you can take.

One of the best ways to gain bartending experience is to work as a server or barback at a local establishment. This will allow you to see how the bar works and learn from seasoned bartenders.

Get a bartending license

Bartending is a great career for those who enjoy engaging with customers and making good tips. It also offers flexible work hours and allows you to travel.

You can get a TABC license without prior experience by taking an online course or attending a local bartending school. These courses will teach you about the legal regulations in your state regarding serving alcohol and responsibilities as a bartender.

The training program will cover topics such as the legal liabilities of selling alcohol, recognizing minors and intoxicated customers, and preventing a customer from getting too drunk. You will also learn about bartending language, which will help you communicate with your customers.

Online school certificate

An online school certificate can be a great way to train as a bartender. These programs are often less expensive and much quicker than traditional on-campus courses.

A good online bartending school will provide a mix of both hard and soft skills, including how to serve alcohol responsibly and how to interact with customers. These skills are important to success in the hospitality industry and can help you land your first job as a bartender.

These programs typically include a mock bar where students can practice mixing drinks, preparing garnishes, and following safety standards to qualify for real-life work behind the bar. They also provide test opportunities to assess the level of knowledge and applied skills students have gained throughout their studies.

Look for a mentor

If you want to make a career out of bartending, finding a mentor is a great way to learn the skills necessary for success. This person will help you develop the practical skills and give you a broad perspective of the industry.

Look for a mentor in your network or through a professional organization. A good mentor should have a clear understanding of your goals and can support you on your journey to success.

A mentor can be a friend, family member, or fellow bartender. It can also be a more experienced person than you who has been there before.

Learn Mixology

Mixology is the art of creating alcoholic drinks. It includes knowledge of ingredients, garnishes, and tools that make a cocktail taste its best.

Mixologists study the chemistry of cocktails and learn classic recipes to invent new ones that keep patrons coming back. They also know how to pair a drink with food items on the menu to create a complete customer experience.

You can learn the basics of mixology through a course online or by reading a book. Jerry Thomas, an American bartender, published the first guide to mixing drinks in 1862.

Boost your bartending skills

If you have yet to gain bartending experience but are eager to get started, there are several ways that you can boost your skills. First, you can begin working as a barback or server at a local establishment before applying for a job as a bartender.

This hands-on experience will help you learn the ins and outs of a restaurant or bar, and it can give you some crucial bartending skills, such as stocking shelves and handling cash.

Learning to make drinks quickly is also important; practicing is a great way to do this. This will help you learn how to make various drinks and increase your chances of being hired as a bartender.

Identify Your Bartending Goals

It’s important to set bartending goals so that you can measure your progress. In addition, having bar business goals that address key elements like customer experience and service, management and team, marketing, and finances will help you to build a strong foundation for your bar.

Many online and in-person resources are available if you’re unsure where to start. From cocktail books and wine guides to classes and seminars, you can learn everything you need about the drinks you serve.

Taking your career to the next level requires a good knowledge of the products you work with. This will make you a more valuable employee and better serve your customers.

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