10 Youtube SEO tips to rank your videos

10 Youtube SEO tips to rank your videos

YouTube is one of the biggest video watching platforms available on the web with an active audience count of more than 1 billion users, so if you want to establish your YouTube channel well on this platform, then you need to follow certain SEO tips that will help you to rank your videos higher. Here are some tips:

1. Finding the most suitable keywords for your videos

One of the most important things that every prospective YouTuber should do in order to rank their videos higher is finding the keywords that suit their videos. For finding the best keywords for your videos, you need to do a keyword research. Since you all know that the global digital market is very competitive and there are lots of competitors who are continuously trying their best to be at the top, so you need to spend a good amount of time on finding the perfect keywords that go well with your YouTube videos.

2. YouTube video description plays a vital role

If you want to rank your videos higher on YouTube, then you definitely have to optimize your video descriptions. Video description forms an integral aspect of YouTube SEO, so you need to have a proper and well-organized description for your videos. It is advisable to use keywords on the first two lines of your video description. 

Your video description should be simple and short. It needs to have a proper and definite purpose so that it can be really helpful for your audience.

3. Using suitable hashtags

A truly powerful way of increasing your reach on YouTube is using proper hashtags for your videos. YouTube SEO works in such a way that if you are search for a particular hashtag, then it will show you all the trending videos that has that particular hashtag mentioned in them. You can easily add any hashtag to your video title or in description of your video. This will help the audience to easily reach your video when they search for a particular hashtag.

Hashtags are really helpful as they can attract a lot of audience to your videos, which will help in the overall growth of your YouTube channel.

4. Creative Thumbnail image

There is a famous saying that your first impression is your last impression, this also applies in the case of YouTube videos. The first and the foremost thing that you come across the YouTube search results is the thumbnail images of different videos. A unique and creative thumbnail image will really help you to gain a huge amount of audience. 

Create your own customized thumbnails with unique designs that can stand out from others and really help in gaining people’s attention.

5. Subtitle along with closed captions

A great advice for increasing the rank of your YouTube video is to use proper subtitles along with closed captions. Video subtitles will be extremely helpful for all those users who cannot understand the video language. For viewers who are unable to hear the audio, closed captions will be very useful for them. Whatever is said I the video is contained in the subtitles and closed captions in the form of textual matter. Using transcript in your videos will help it to get picked up by broad search engines. Overall, using subtitles and closed captions will surely increase your video reach.

6. Use a catchy title 

Literally one of the most crucial aspects of a YouTube video is its title. People will click on your video only if they like your video title. Your video needs to have a catchy, unique and short title. The title of your video should instigate among your audience a feeling of suspense so that they will click on your video to watch the content. You need to think deeply and try to use certain keywords while framing the title of your YouTube video. Try to show in your video whatever you promised to them via your video title.

7. YouTube Live Streaming

There are many people doing live streaming on YouTube channels and connecting with their audience like news channels and Gaming channels. It helps them to create more and more content their audience can engage daily. If you have similar plans for your video and make they go large audience, I would suggest you buy YouTube Live views for your stream and get more viewership instantly as you need it. These services are good if you use them correctly for your Video SEO and can help you gain more natural views after the stream end.

8. Categorizing your YouTube video

There are certain steps that you must follow in order to rank your video higher on YouTube. The YouTube SEO works on certain factors, one of them includes categorizing your videos. Categorizing is a crucial part that affects your overall video reach. You must think and choose the perfect category for your video so that it can easily rank higher compared to other videos available on YouTube.

You can find the categories option under the “show more” section while uploading your video on YouTube, choose a category from a given list that perfectly suits your video.

9. Use YouTube End Screens and Add Cards

One important SEO tip for YouTube is to use end screens in your videos and you can add cards. Your viewers can easily take a quick action just after watching your video on YouTube with the help of CTA buttons or simply by adding end screens and add cards. 

YouTube cards are an important advertising tool, with the help of which you can easily advertise your business or other videos on your channel. On the other hand for taking immediate direct action, it is advisable to use End screens.

10. Analyzing performance

Analyzing your performance is an important step that will really help you to know the fields where you are lagging behind, where to make the improvements and how to solve your problems so that you don’t make those same mistakes in the future.

11. Creating a great compelling script

Your video script should be engaging, interesting and it should appear realistic or natural to your audience. It should be well-written and it should have a quick short intro, followed by the main content material and finally the conclusion, which should be a bit creative, so that your audience will come back to your channel again to watch your other videos.