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10 Best Virtual Meeting Software


Virtual Meetings have become a new normal for the corporate world ever since the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for people to come to offices, at least for a while.

While many organizations around the world had been utilizing virtual meetings & remote conferencing to get in touch with teams working from the other end of the globe, for many organizations they were untrodden land.

There are many benefits of Virtual Meetings; they save time & money for organizers, provide a means for people sitting remotely to connect & be on the same page, & give people interaction & engagement opportunities with their team mates & other members of the organization.

In the current times when physical contact is forbidden, virtual meetings have provided a way for people to stay connected & above all, stay sane.

However, in order to make your virtual meeting fun, engaging, & interactive, as well as meaningful & productive for your attendees, you have to use the appropriate technology at your disposal.

Most importantly, you need to choose a good & efficient Virtual Meeting Software that has all the features for attendee interaction & engagement that you’re looking for.

This choice is extremely important as it has the potential to make or break your virtual meetings.

And most first-time virtual meeting organizers don’t have an idea about how to choose the right virtual meeting software for their meetings.

In this article, we tell you the top 10 virtual meeting software for your next virtual meeting.


Mixhubb is a new-age, innovative virtual event platform that provides its efficient services for hosting customized, branded, & immersive virtual events, virtual meetings, virtual trade shows, virtual exhibitions, virtual career fairs, & more.

With Mixhubb, you have the power to create & design your virtual conference just the way you want to. Customize backgrounds according to your needs, design & customize your lobby, waiting rooms, & manage attendee entry, all through a simple-to-setup & easy, intuitive backend.

With the power to design impactful, immersive meeting environments for your attendees, Mixhubb offers you the chance to give them a life-like meeting experience.

With engaging features like raise-a-hand functionality, live chat options, emoticon integration so that they can showcase their sentiments about the meeting/session, 1:1 video conferencing, & easy 2-way communication, Mixhubb helps you make your virtual meetings really engaging, interactive, & productive.

Attendees can also share their screens with other attendees during the meeting, invite one-or-one or group discussions about the topic, & pick out attendees to have 1:1 meetings with from a group.

Mixhubb is also a scalable platform with no upper limit on the number of attendees in meetings, as well as on the meeting time. Users can hold unlimited meetings that last as long as they wish, depending on the exact subscription plan they’ve chosen.

Mixhubb also offers organizers options for enabling Zoom integrations where they can directly integrate their Zoom meetings into their own immersive meeting environment with customized name tags & background designs.

You can also live stream your meeting to a wider audience, with each live stream customized according to the platform you’re streaming it on.

Mixhubb is also a safe & secure virtual meeting platform with ISO 27001 certification & complete GDPR compliance.

To host your virtual meeting with them, you simply have to visit their website, choose from the subscription plans available, & you’re all set to go!


Zoom is perhaps the biggest name in the virtual conference industry today. Almost everybody has been to a zoom meeting, has organized one, or been a part of creating one.

With plenty of features to help businesses host meaningful, productive remote meetings, Zoom helps you keep communications open & smooth during these times of extended work from home.

Zoom provides organizers with amazing features like custom background designs, beautification features to make attendees look more presentable in the meeting, integrations with many other apps like The Meeting Owl, etc. to make meetings more manageable, custom email notifications, screen sharing options, live chat, group discussion features, 1:1 video conferencing, & lots more.

To host a virtual meeting with Zoom, visit their website & choose from the various subscription plans they have available for use, & you should be all set to design your meeting with them!

Skype for Business

Much before Zoom became the norm for virtual meetings, individuals & organizations alike were using Skype for business as their choice of virtual meeting software.

Skype is often pegged as an enterprise-ready virtual meeting software for businesses.

It has various robust & efficient features to facilitate meaningful collaboration & productivity in virtual meetings.

Skype for business can support upto 250 attendees in a single meeting, allow them to connect with other attendees in the meeting, virtual whiteboard capabilities, screen sharing options, & lots more.

Skype has many things going for it; a simple, easy-to-use interface, easy meeting setup, & no cost for meetings consisting of upto 10 attendees.

For a small sized meeting, you can simply download the software on your mobile or desktop computer, & set up a free meeting without buying any subscription plans.


Slack is another very popular team collaboration & communication tool that enables remote meetings to take place between teams sitting worlds apart from each other.

Apart from its various collaboration tools, Slack also has an integrated video conferencing feature.

Although it is not a platform built strictly for virtual meetings & remote conferencing, its features & high-end technology helps make virtual meetings very productive & interactive for all those involved.

Its add-on virtual conferencing feature can be a quick way to make calls to team members, & is a great tool to integrate & increase collaboration within hybrid teams.

If you are a free account holder, Slack gives you the ability to hold one-on-one video interactions with upto 15 people if you start the call from a single channel. However, if you need to add more people in, you’ll need to get a customized quote from them.


BigBlueButton is a virtual meetings software designed specifically for educational & collaboration purposes.

Its featured whiteboard capability helps organizers host meaningful & highly productive meetings.

BigBlueButton is also a free open-source tool, thus making it easier for third-party developers to customize the web conferencing experience provided by the virtual meeting software in an efficient way without any overhead costs.

The same also allows BigBlueButton to have multiple useful third-party app integrations including various high-quality audio/video enhancements & learning management system integrations to allow for seamless teacher-student interaction & collaboration.

Some other notable features of the virtual meeting software include audio & video screen sharing, session recording options for a playback, breakout rooms, collaboration tools like the Whiteboard, shared notes, & polling, among others.


BlueJeans is a feature-filled virtual meeting software that easily integrates with other collaboration tools.

BlueJeans is a virtual meeting software known for its ease of use & simplicity. It enables organizers to host a virtual meeting using a system of meetings, rooms, & events to encourage increased collaboration & communication between attendees without the need for bulky, extremely expensive software integrations.

BlueJeans users don’t need to download or install any additional software to be able to host & launch meetings directly from their browsers.

BlueJeans also allows access holders to easily view all of the virtual meeting activity that has gone on in your organization.


GoToMeeting is another well-known virtual meeting software in the corporate world. With affordable plans to accommodate attendees from 10 upto 150, GoToMeeting provides organizations with a cost-effective way to keep their teams on the same page & working seamlessly in collaboration.

GoToMeeting’s most noteworthy features include easy screen sharing on desktops, tablets, mobile phones, HD video conferencing options, Smart Meeting Assistant that enables organizations to record meetings & generate automatic meeting transcriptions, a hardware bundle kit with user-friendly virtual meeting software, & easy transitions from a live chat box to a full-on business meeting with just a click.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco’s WebEx virtual meeting software is an industry-standard service that is designed specifically for especially large organizations having very many members.

It offers a wide range of voice calling & video conferencing services, making it the perfect choice for large organizations looking to enable multiple video conferencing sessions within one large meeting.

It enables attendees to join meetings via their personal computers or smartphones, depending on their individual locations & restrictions at the time of the meeting.

Google Meet

For organizations whose members are always on the go, Google Meet is the perfect virtual meeting software.

Meet by Google is an enterprise software which provides a platform for organizations to schedule meetings with their team members & enhance collaboration & communication among them.

It has many amazing features that are quite similar to Zoom, including calendar syncing options, conference room booking, & a sophisticated user interface to allow easy scheduling & management of ongoing & upcoming virtual meetings.

Google Meet offers some quite appealing features for enterprise meetings. These include unlimited meetings upto 300 hours long, scalability for upto 250 attendees, live stream options for upto 100,000 viewers, & 24/7 online support among other features.

However, to realize all of these benefits, you’ll have to ask the G Suite team for a personalized quote according to your enterprise needs & requirements.


If you’re a small business looking for an efficient, robust, & cost-effective virtual meeting platform to connect your team members & enhance collaboration among them, Whereby is the ideal solution for you.

Whereby offers a fast turnaround time for its services, thanks to its streamlined design.

It is also a cloud-based platform, which means users don’t need to install any additional software or download any app to join meetings.

They can do so by simply clicking on the meeting link shared with them by the virtual meeting organizers.

Although their plans are mostly free, for enhanced scalability options & for enabling multiple users & admins in your meetings, you will have to buy their subscription plans.


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