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Why you should Buy Shade Nets


It is a synthetic fiber net used to protect plants, vegetables, or birds for them to grow in an optimal environment. Shade net regulates the humidity and temperature inside nets and reduces direct sunlight intensity, creating a cooler and more favorable place for vegetables. They can be used in greenhouses, field applications, hoop structures, and other purposes.

In this article, we will provide details and show you a few key characteristics to consider when buying one.

Protecting plants from direct sunlight

One of the most important reasons to buy one is that it allows you to control sunlight’s effect on plants, especially for farmers. Certain varieties of plants need controlled sunlight to grow optimally; by regulating it, you can control your product.

Increase your crop yields.

Understand the plant you are farming and what it needs to grow fast and produce more. Some factors like climate, temperature, or sunlight effects under control will surely improve your productivity. When using a shade net, you will increase your crop yields either per trimester or per year according to your frequency’s work.

Work all seasons

There is no season that you will stop working or producing when you use it. It allows you to put or make the conditions favorable to your plants or birds, to do full-time farming without even being bothered about seasons or temperatures, raining intensity.


Two significant shade nets are knitted shape nets and woven shade nets.

A woven shape net is used for covering and decoration purposes. Knitted shade nets are made up of interlocking loops of yarn; they last longer for agricultural activities and resist agrochemicals and detergents.

They are also classified according to their capacity to retain sunlight or their capacity to filter ultraviolet light.

How to choose one

To buy one, you need to consider factors like the type of plants you will be doing, your plant needs, seasons, and temperature. Once you have full details on what the plant needs, you can choose accordingly to increase your production or crop yields.

It is also essential to consider the shade required to beat the heat and its permeability for hydrating your plants. It should be, therefore, water-permeable to let water pass through and reach your plants.


The price depends on the quality and the characteristics we listed above. Depending on your needs, the price of shade nets prices in Kenya keep changing.

Logically if you need more shape to beat the heat, the price will be higher than that of the person who is buying one which does not beat the heat as much as yours.

The price also can change according to where you buy it, the company that makes it, and many other factors. Usually, the more expensive the shade net is, the higher the quality. However, it is not always the case; your use should always determine the type you choose to buy.


A shade net is recommended to have a temperature, heat, sunlight, and water quantity under control and increase crop yields. The price varies according to your use, the nature of your plants or birds, and some other characteristics.

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