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Why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is Important for Your Business


Oracle Cloud is the first public cloud infrastructure that was designed to be an advanced cloud for every application. The application is made in a very innovative way that answers the difficulties that our clients have in their existing public clouds by rethinking the basic technology and system architecture of cloud computing. The application accelerates the transfer of your existing business workloads, increases the stability and performance of all your apps, and provides you with all the tools you need to create cutting-edge cloud applications.

Customers prefer Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for all cloud workloads for various major reasons. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides high-performance, high-availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services by combining the advantages of public cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Keeping in mind the increasing competition in the market the cloud was developed to attract new customers by providing them more advanced technologies and softwares.

Some of the major reasons to choose oracle cloud infrastructure are:

  1. OCI is primarily developed for business applications, the same networking, computation, and storage advances make cloud-native apps more efficient, adaptable, and feasible. OCI provides the large network of cloud services and partners that is required to create cloud-native apps.
  2. Most hypervisors are architected on a virtual machine paradigm with shared resources through the hypervisor, many business applications are challenging to transfer to the cloud. Overcrowding exists on computers and networks. It became impossible for the outdated application to operate business applications at expected levels of performance and availability without considerable changes, which adds complexity and risk. And therefore, to satisfy the demands of commercial applications, OCI was built keeping in mind the important cloud advancements.
  3. Autonomous services are meant to automate the operating system and database patching and performance tweaking. Misconfiguration and poor optimization can degrade an application’s speed, while incorrectly implemented security updates might expose the system to vulnerabilities.
  4. Oracle Cloud infrastructure is built to for the customers by allowing them to choose from a variety of deployment methods. Customers may run a whole OCI region from their own data center, migrate entire on-premises VMware systems to public cloud regions, or provide OCI services like Ex-data and Roving Edge to the exact location where the work is needed. Oracle also offers unique connectivity with Microsoft Azure that allows it to offer low-latency, unified identity, and multi-cloud services in various different locations across the world. Customers can update their organization with the management, performance, and value of OCI’s hybrid cloud solutions, whether they have already picked the main cloud provider or are still in the early stages of cloud adoption.


The oracle infrastructure was developed keeping in mind the expenditure and the features for other applications as well. To make adoption easier, the prices are kept similar internationally, ensuring that the cost of computer service or storage remains inexpensive in all locations. Over the years, the prices are kept reasonable without requiring our consumers to make significant commitments. It has fundamental cloud services like security and container management into the computer’s price, rather than charging extra for them. The OCI has stronger networks and also assessed data migration out of the cloud, taking into consideration how the clients are constructing multi-cloud networks to serve their consumers.

It becomes easy for the customers to deal with Oracle Cloud on a regular basis. Diceus oracle development has the best services and it not only ensures the availability but also the performance of the storage and network services, as well as the management of the service through the API, at all times. The Cloud Lift program covers the design, planning, and transfer of the entire workloads to the cloud at no additional cost. The most important benefit is the usage of this infrastructure, can reduce the software license support cost by almost 25-33 percent through Oracle Support Rewards feature.

Lastly, a customer can obtain a discount on a Private License for Oracle Database in the Cloud, free technical help to migrate your applications, lower your total expenses by taking advantage of OCI volume discounts and earning Support Rewards, and many more benefits by using this application.


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