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Why Kiwi students Go For Electric Scooters

When the electric scooters landed in New Zealand earlier, students like Alice Stanton caught on the buzz that spread like bushfire in her place in Wellington. 

Excited at the prospect of having her own electric scooter, Alice made her own quiet research to learn more about these celebrity posers of sorts, the electric scooter. She had a lot of important questions like, what was the best entry-level electric scooter that was easy to ride, lightweight, maneuver, and navigate. Alice scoured the website, compared one after another, and finally she made up her mind. Satisfied and pleased to discover there was one brand that answered all her questions.

She had been saving up from her allowance – for a time like this. To her, it’s an opportunity that must be taken advantage of, especially after learning all about the undeniable pros of the Mearth S commuter electric scooter

Weighing only 12.5 kg, It’s lightweight indeed. Mearth S is also great for those who are very interested to learn how to ride. There’s nothing complicated about the Mearth S. Rather, the features are top-notch and impressive. And the price? It’s a steal!

Since its launch to the local market in less than a decade, the rise in popularity of Mearth e-scooters, collectively, in Australia is not surprising at all. The number of college students and universities who use them also increased since the boom, and are satisfied with the e-scooter.

And now, it’s New Zealand’s turn to experience happy e-scooter rides with the Mearth S

Not only is the Mearth S ideal for the newbie learner, getting to learn to find his or her way around town and school, as it’s got awesome features – it’s compact, portable and foldable, young working adults will appreciate it too. 

You can store the Mearth S e-scooter under your desk or in an inconspicuous corner during class or work. No more stress or coming in late. Now, it’s even easier and faster to go to school or work, and around the city’s area with the Mearth S electric scooter. 

But wait, some people have asked, should college students be allowed to ride electric scooters? Are they really convenient and helpful? 

Well, read and learn and be assured. Students will be excited to know the 7 undeniable perks of using this e-scooter on campuses.

  1. Ride away to freedom that’s not expensive!

Going to a university or college entails costs – a lot. In addition to tuition fees, there’s food, books, miscellaneous school fees, and this adds up as students move further through college. Those of you who live quite a distance from where you go to school, the daily transportation will definitely eat up a big slice into your budget as a college student. This is one of the dangerous reasons why many students opt for ride sharing. But there’s a better option. Have your own e-scooter to be able to get on time, every time to campus.

Owning a high-quality, sturdy, entry-level, commuter electric scooter like the Mearth S is really affordable. It is the best , reasonably-priced commuter electric scooter for college students,that as the superior specs and features —

Tech Specs: Mearth S

  • Top Speed– 25 kph
  • Max Range– 25 km
  • Weight– 12.5 kg
  • Max Load– 100 kg
  • Motor– 350 W
  • Charging Time– 2 to 4 hours

Features: Mearth S

  • Compact, light, and portable design
  • Color display screen
  • One-second folding mechanism
  • Reliable disk brake
  • Top Speed
  • Replaceable battery system – hot swappable batteries
  • Lightweight but durable

What’s more, the Mearth S can take you to a max range of 20-25 km within the speed limit imposed by New Zealand’s laws.

  1. Ride cool and fast. What a convenient ride for students who need to cross campuses quickly and easily, too. Equipped with swappable batteries, it allows students to extend their trips by carrying multiple batteries. No fear of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere because of an empty one.
  2. Time-efficient, so you’re always on time. Riding an e-scooter is one doable solution that can help you save time. No more sweat, stress, and distress. Mearth S e-scooter can increase its speed to allow its rider to zip through campus or the city with ease. Despite the speed limit, you can still get to your destination quickly. The compact size of Mearth S enables you to bypass traffic, enter narrow alternative routes, smoothly if you choose an alternative, shorter route where the e-scooters are allowed. The default speed (allowed in Australia) is 20 kph, but it can actually go up to a maximum speed of 32 kph.
  3. Maneuver smoothly. It’s perfect for college students as they don’t require any license. Just ride in designated paths. Anyone of legal age can ride an e-scooter. Just follow the speed limit and mandated traffic rules in your city to avoid brushes with authorities. 
  4. Eco-friendly, yields zero emissions. More and more people, including the youth, are aware and conscious of the environment. Last April 22, the world observed and celebrated Earth Day. College students can reduce their carbon footprint by using personal electric mobility devices, i.e. an electric scooter as they have zero emissions. It would help reduce carbon emissions significantly in the atmosphere in the future.
  5. Cramped, crowded parking no more. It is so obvious that e-scooters bear more benefits. Say goodbye with relief to the cramped, crowded parking area. No need to waste precious time finding a parking space or slot that’s often full already. Fold your e-scooter and ergo, you can carry it with you inside the class. What a space saver!
  6. Definitely not a fad. Electric scooters have proven to be more than just a fad or a recreational ride. They’re an efficient, convenient, and affordable means of transportation, especially for students — budget-friendly, portable, and an efficient rideable. 

Mearth, the innovative and visionary maker of high-quality, top-performing, powerful and leading-edge, eco-friendly electric scooters, has a mandate to help commuters find better relief and solve their transportation issues by providing a better alternative and thus, improve their lifestyle. Alice, a college freshman student made a right and cost-efficient decision. Now, she has happily found her best riding buddy in the Mearth S.

For details, check out the Mearth website: www.mearth.co.nz for the latest e-scooter series to see which e-scooter model fits your needs best. For more electric scooter guides, tips, and news, read Mearth’s blogs.

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