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What is a 1Gb Leased Line?


 A 1gb leased line is a dedicated connection for your business. It’s a private service which offers symmetrical upload & download speeds with a host of benefits & guarantees.

 Businesses that rely on their internet connectivity often choose a leased line over broadband. This is because leased lines offer consistent bandwidth, avoiding any slowdowns that can occur with broadband.

Dedicated connection

 A leased line is dedicated to your business meaning it doesn’t fluctuate in speed during busy times and will give you enough bandwidth for your whole team to work productively. This is ideal for businesses that have growth plans or are increasing their use of cloud based services.

 The infrastructure used to deliver a leased line is normally fibre and is a much more reliable option than traditional copper circuits. This is because fibre optic cables can carry data more easily by sending pulses of light down the lines which are then recognised by hardware on either side of the connection as binary 1s and 0s.

 A leased line also offers a symmetrical connection, this means that the upload speed will be the same as the download speed which is far quicker than standard broadband connections. This is ideal for businesses that need to upload large files or want to make stutter free video calls.

Faster downloads

 You can get a leased line for as little as PS260 per month from CityFibre, who are challenging the big 2 telecoms providers BT & Virgin Media. With a 1Gb leased line you will be able to experience upload and download speeds that are far quicker than broadband options.

 With our increasing reliance on data & cloud applications we need to ensure that our internet connection is robust enough to deliver what we require. 1Gb is more than enough for most businesses and will leave plenty of headroom to increase your bandwidth if you need to in the future.

 When you receive a quote for a leased line you will usually be quoted a line speed – say 100Mb – and then a bearer speed which is the maximum speed that can be run on the leased line. The speeds are symmetrical so you will be able to have the same upload and download speed all of the time, unlike contended broadband which can fluctuate in peak times.


  A 1gb leased line is a reliable option for businesses that need a fast and reliable internet connection, including Leased line prices. It’s a dedicated connection that doesn’t share bandwidth with other users, so it can handle high data traffic without losing performance. This type of connection is also ideal for remote workers who need to securely connect to your systems and servers.

 Leased lines are a premium connectivity choice and come with 24/7 proactive network monitoring, a fixed response time target, and industry-leading SLAs, in addition to Leased line prices. They’re also available everywhere in the UK – even in rural areas that can’t get superfast broadband.

 A leased line offers symmetric upload and download speeds, which makes it a good choice for businesses that use cloud-based apps or make video calls. Unlike a business broadband contract, it’s not capped, so you can scale up your bandwidth as your business grows. Leased line prices vary, and you can choose packages starting at 10Mb and going up to 1Gb, with plenty of options available for a leased line with a capacity of up to 5Gb.


 If your business is growing, then it may require a high bandwidth internet connection. A 1gb leased line can help you meet this demand and ensure your business never slows down due to congestion.

 BTnet has a range of leased line options starting at 10Mb up to a massive 1Gbps for companies who demand high throughput. Unlike broadband, leased lines are dedicated and have symmetric upload and download speeds which make them an ideal solution for businesses that rely on the internet to operate.

 As more & more business solutions move to cloud based software, businesses need a rock solid connectivity solution to ensure they can continue to function. A 1Gb leased line offers this and more with uncontended connections and service level agreements. Moreover, the speed of a leased line can be easily upgraded in days rather than months like broadband. This makes it the perfect connectivity solution for growing businesses.

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