Tricks To Please Your Customers

Tricks To Please Your Customers

When you’re in business, you’re always looking for new and creative ways to keep your customers coming back. Perhaps you’ve run into a bit of a dry spell, though, and can’t think of anything fun and unique. In that case, you may want to try some of the following tricks to please your customers.

Discounts Galore

Your first trick to please your customers is to provide discounts galore. This means sales, of course, but also special promotions for certain groups of customers, surprise price reductions (for a limited time), coupons and even discounted shipping rates. Don’t be afraid to get creative here. You can match your discounts to products that are in high demand and/or to items that may not be moving as fast as you’d like. Just make sure that your customers have the impression that they’re getting a great deal. They’ll be more likely to buy.

Games and Prizes

Customers also tend to respond well to games and prizes. You might do a puzzle or trivia game on your website or social media pages, for example, with the winners receiving coupons or gift certificates. Be very organized when you run a contest like this, though, so that there are no complaints of unfairness. You can run contests and games in your store as well. Consider doing a “spin the wheel” chance for customers who make purchases. They might win everything from small prizes to discounts to a cash prize.

Special Events

You might also run a series of special events throughout the year. These can have both online and in-store elements. You could throw an anniversary celebration, for instance, with all kinds of fun activities and promotions over a week. Holiday parties are always quite popular, and you can go all out decorating for the season and offering your customers a fun atmosphere and some good deals.

Customer Loyalty

Be sure to show your appreciation for your loyal customers. You might start up an email newsletter for a select group and include plenty of fun news, sneak peeks and of course coupons and special deals. You could also begin a customer loyalty program. Do some research to determine the best format for your business, but make sure that repeat customers have access to special discounts or prizes as they return to your business again and again.

The Best Service

Yet another trick to keep your customers happy is to provide the very best service all the time. Customers hate feeling ignored or unappreciated, so make sure that yours never do. Answer their questions, and respond to their comments promptly and politely. If there is a legitimate complaint, then make things right. In your store, train your employees to provide the best possible help without getting too pushy.

Good Communication

Most customers like getting messages from businesses they support. You could send out postcards or emails every now and then or do a periodic newsletter. Keep messages brief and interesting so that customers will be more likely to read them. Your website, too, should have good information, and your social media pages should receive regular updates with stories, facts and promotions your customers will enjoy.

Excellent Products and Services

Finally, you can please your by providing excellent products and services. Always strive for the highest quality. If possible, personally inspect and test a wide range of your products to make sure that they meet your standards. Services should be friendly and efficient, and you can create a guidebook for your employees that lays out your expectations. Listen to your customers’ feedback, and make changes accordingly.

Pleased customers mean increased business for you. To keep your customers happy, then, give them plenty of discounts, occasional games, prizes and special events and customer loyalty opportunities. But most of all, offer them the best service, good communication and excellent products and services. All of this will keep your customers coming back and your business strong and flourishing.