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Top Fire Extinguisher Yellow Powder Manufacturers of 2023


ABC dry chemical powders (yellow powder) are an absolute must-have when it comes to firefighting. They’re super versatile, free-flowing, and oh-so-easy to handle! They can be made with various base materials, including sodium bicarbonate, mono ammonium phosphate, chlorides, etc., each acting as a different base in the final product. Yellow dry powders are the first line of protection in any fire because of their instant knockdown effects. We put together some of the best yellow powder manufacturers to help you out with your search. Check it out!


Which Are the Leading Fire Extinguisher Yellow Powder Manufacturers of 2023


Guangdong Macro Fire Technology Co., Ltd.


Macro is killing it in the game of global fire safety! Their top-notch yellow dry chemical and dry powder fire extinguishers are truly setting the bar high. I mean, talk about quality. It cannot get any better.

As seasoned industry experts, they possess an unparalleled understanding of the market’s demands and the precise strategies to meet them. Check out their outstanding ABC dry powder that comes with strict quality control! Feeling safe and secure is an absolute must, and Macro couldn’t agree more.


Foamtech Antifire


Hey, have you heard of Foamtech Antifire Company? They’re the top Fire Protection Company in Asia! They’ve been doing this for years and are experts in providing customized solutions like ABC dry powder for fire safety. They also make foam, concentrates, chemicals, and powders, among other fire safety supplies. They serve various clients in different industries and are equipped with a high-end factory that can meet orders worldwide.



Think of ABC chemical powders, foams, and other extinguishing agents. They have it all. RÜHL FLM is an established company that provides various fire protection solutions. When it comes to producing fire extinguishing agents, they are currently among the top producers in the world. Their dry chemical agents are tested and certified.


KV Fire Chemicals


Check out this amazing company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying top-notch extinguisher agents – Dry chemical Powders and foams. Thanks to their management, they’ve been doing it for over 40 years, with real pro-fire safety experience.

Because of their dedication to providing excellent products and service, they have risen top of both the local and global fire safety markets. The business has successfully expanded outside its domestic market and now exports ABC dry chemical powder to over 48 nations worldwide.




How about we wrap up our list with Airgas? This company’s based in Conshohocken, and it’s been doing its thing since 1982. They have all kinds of fire extinguisher agents like ABC, dry chemicals, carbon dioxide, and more. Just to mention they also deal with other chemicals like nitrous oxide, CO2, dry ice, etc. They’re also a big shot in anything safety products.


Take Away


Over the years, the fire safety sector has seen significant developments, with most test standards being updated to account for the new types of fires. Although competitors have been around longer than Macro, more is needed to match the quality, customer service, and innovation the company has brought to the fire safety market. Let’s all do our part to prioritize safety and choose Macro for all our yellow dry powder fire extinguisher needs!


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