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Top 3 Scenarios When You Must Execute Cross Browser Testing Automation

If we are not wrong, you are putting money on your business just because you want to fetch a “certain” return on investment at the end of each month or year. Right? But, do you know that ROIs are not just about the money you obtain after carrying out a particular work? Besides, it also “associates” with other things like efficiency, productivity, or the quality leads you “generate” after running successful marketing or advertising campaigns. Take, for instance, cross-browser testing. You can perform this job in two ways, i.e., using manual or automatic methods. “Now,” if you choose the manual process, “no doubt” your upfront investment will be low, but then that saving will cost your efficiency. On the other hand, if you count on Cross Browser Testing Automation, maybe you have to break your bank for that, but then you can leverage high efficiency down the line. 

So, everything boils down to the point that if you get your return on investment in terms of time or space reduction for executing many test cases for your mobile or web app inspection, it is still an “advantage.” “But, how?” you might ask. Well, it will save you from spending unnecessary hours running the same test case again and again on every potential browser or mobile phone that your target customers or users might use. Ok? Got it? 

So, now that you are well-informed about the importance of Cross Browser Testing Automation for your web or mobile app examination, it’s time to switch to:

3 Best conditions when you must perform Cross Browser Testing Automation

  1. When you have to run the same test case myriads of times on different mobile phones or browsers 

“Now,” can you tell us do you need to run the same test case again and again, which you already performed a few minutes ago on other mobile devices or browsers? If yes, your concerned test case is the most suitable candidate for Cross Browser Testing Automation. So, what that means? It means you must opt for an excellent test automation tool now that allows you to automate your cross-browser tests without a hitch. 

Once you have obtained such testing software, it will be like a walk in the park to run your test cases on several browsers and devices parallelly, resulting in massive time saving and efficiency increment down the road. However, when looking for automated cross-browser testing tools, it is wise to pay attention to the software that “comes” integrated with cloud device labs for easy test execution. 

  1. When your app is not changing very often

Next, there could be instances when you might update your app on fixed intervals, but its core functions or, let’s say, its main features remains the same. In that case, your existing test case won’t change too, which means it is still a “smart” decision to automate them. Thus, once you have decided to make the most of the Cross Browser Testing Automation, it will be a breeze to execute all your test cases, and even maintenance won’t be a concern. Ok? 

  1. When you need to spend too many business hours on carrying out the cross-browser testing  

Are you finding it challenging to carry out the test cases on a large number of browsers and devices? If yes, have you checked whether your test cases are fewer or in “larger” numbers? Suppose the number of your test cases are not excessively higher, and still you are having issues with time management. In that case, the chances are high you might have a considerable number of browsers and handsets to inspect your “web or mobile app on.” So, now the question comes what you can do to “easily” deal with this situation? Well, it will help if you purchase a test automation tool that allows you to automate your test creation and execution pretty fast. 

A case in point here could be an automated cross-browser testing software like “Testsigma” that makes it almost a child’s play to automate the tests for cross-browser testing by:


  1. Making your test case creation experience very easy that often remains in English 
  2. Automating the integration with the cloud device labs, which host 2000+ devices and browsers
  3. Easily scheduling the test cases for running them on scores of real devices and browsers on the same platform
  4. Running the cross-browser tests parallelly to save your substantial amount of time 
  5. Providing you with the reports at your leisure in the way you want it from that platform 

End Thoughts 

Hopefully, you learned a “multitude” of things through this text-oriented content, including three “standard” situations when Cross Browser Testing Automation is necessary. So, if you found this content piece enlightening and informative and want to get the most reliable mobile app testing services now, we would suggest getting in touch with the most cutting-edge app testing firm in the US. 

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