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Top 10 Instagram Growth Tips For Photographers


Welcome to the world of content creation! As an aspiring photographer or videographer, you know that creating excellent visual content can be a challenge. Are you struggling with low engagement and followers on your account despite all the hard work you’re putting in? With all the incredible competition out there, you must cultivate an audience for your work and maximize your exposure on social media platforms like Instagram. Whether you are just starting or trying to take your IG game up a notch, here are our top 10 tips for growing your presence on Instagram as a photographer! We have compiled our best advice, so read on to learn how to boost engagement with followers and make progress in cultivating a solid photography career.

  1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are essential when it comes to climbing the ranks on Instagram for photographers, so make sure to use them as often as possible! Hashtags allow people to find you more easily when searching for images related to their interests or businesses. Try using popular photography-related hashtags such as ‘photography,’ ‘videography,’ ‘creative,’ and so on. You can also create some unique tags that relate directly to the type of photography you specialize in – for example, if you take photos of food, try adding the hashtag’ food photography.’ Try researching trending hashtags related to photography and curate your list of commonly used ones to help increase engagement.

  1. Host Contests And Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage your followers and drive more traffic to your page. They are an awesome way to generate buzz around your page while offering valuable prizes for participating followers. Ask people to post their own photos or videos related to the theme of the contest, tag you in it, and use a specific hashtag. This will encourage them to create content for you, as well as help spread the word about your page!

  1. Buy Organic Instagram Likes

Purchasing likes for your Instagram posts can be a great way to increase engagement and gain more followers. If you don’t have an organic following yet, buying likes is a great way to boost your visibility and get people interested in your content. When looking to purchase likes, make sure that the company you choose specializes in high-quality likes from real accounts so you don’t end up with bots or fake followers. Furthermore, make sure to check the reviews of the company before you commit to buying likes. If you’re looking for a reliable Instagram-like service, you can purchase likes here.

  1. Create A Consistent Aesthetic

Creating a visual identity on Instagram is key for photographers in order to stand out from the competition. You want your followers to instantly recognize your page and know who you are without having to search for it. While developing an aesthetic takes some time, once you figure out what works for you, it will be much easier to maintain consistency with your posts. You can achieve this by experimenting with different angles, lighting, composition, and color palettes to create consistently stunning visuals that define your work. Play around with different visuals and colors until you find something that stands out from the rest!

  1. Ace The Caption Game

 Captions are equally as important as the image itself when it comes to getting more engagement. They are a great way to start conversations, express your thoughts, and add context to your photos. Try to keep your captions interesting and engaging while also making sure they reflect on the photo in some way. Ask questions, make references, and tell stories – this will not only spark conversation but also help create relationships with followers, which leads us to our next tip…

  1. Cross-promote Your Work

If you have an existing website, blog, or other social media accounts, make sure to cross-promote your content on them. This will drive more traffic to your Instagram page and help increase engagement from followers who may not know about it yet. You can also look for opportunities to collaborate with other photographers or influencers in order to gain access to their following and vice versa. 

  1. Interact with others: 

 Interacting with other Instagram users is essential when it comes to growing your presence on the platform as a photographer. Having meaningful conversations with potential clients and other photographers helps build relationships and increases visibility for your page simultaneously! Commenting on posts related to your niche, responding to comments on your own posts, and engaging in conversations with other users are all great ways to interact. 

  1. Participate In Challenges

Participating in challenges related to photography is a great way to gain exposure and build relationships with other accounts. This will help expand your reach by putting your work in front of new audiences, as well as provide an opportunity to learn from others. Instagram is filled with photography-related challenges like ‘10daysofphotography’ and ‘Photooftheday’ – take part in these and have fun shooting! Make sure you read the rules of each challenge carefully before participating, as some may require you to tag or follow specific accounts. 

  1. Stay Active On Stories: 

 Stories are a great way to interact with your followers and build relationships. Try posting frequently, answer questions they may have, or repost stories from people who have used your work! This will help increase engagement on your profile and keep followers informed about what’s new. Share behind-the-scenes snippets, or give previews of upcoming content. Not only is it excellent for engagement, but it’s also a great way to personalize your profile and show off your personality! 

  1. Analyze Your Performance

Make sure to always review your page’s analytics and data. Keep an eye on your statistics – explore which posts perform better than others so you can tailor future content accordingly and reach more people with what resonates best with them. When used strategically, analytics can provide valuable feedback in order to refine your strategies and produce even better results!


Creating a successful Instagram page as a photographer or videographer takes hard work, dedication, and creativity. However, with the right strategies in place, your content can stand out amongst all the competition and grow to reach larger audiences. Taking the time to post quality visuals, interact with followers by responding to comments and engaging on stories, participate in challenges, cross-promote your work on other accounts, and analyze analytics will all help increase visibility for your page and build relationships with potential clients. We hope these 10 tips help you reach new heights in your photography career! Happy posting!

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