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Tips for Conducting a Successful Design Patent Search


Design patents are used to protect the unique and ornamental design of a product. Design patents are important because they can provide a competitive advantage to companies and prevent others from copying their designs. However, before filing for a design patent, it is important to conduct a thorough patent search to ensure that the design is not already patented. In this article, we will discuss some tips for conducting a successful design patent search.

1. Start with the Basics

Before diving into the details of a design patent search, it is important to understand the basics of design patents. Design patents protect the visual appearance of an object, rather than its functionality. A design patent will not protect the way an object works or its utility, only the way it looks. Additionally, design patents are only valid for a limited period of time, typically 15 years from the date of issuance. 


This means that after 15 years, anyone can use, manufacture, sell, or import a product with the same visual appearance as the one covered by the expired design patent. Moreover, it is important to note that design patents are granted for a specific design, not for the entire product. This means that if a product has multiple designs, each design may require a separate design patent. Therefore, before conducting a design patent search, it is crucial to identify the specific design or designs that need protection.

2. Hire a Patent Law Firm

Hiring a patent law firm to conduct a design patent search can be a great way to ensure that the search is conducted thoroughly and accurately. A patent law firm is staffed with individuals who are knowledgeable about the patent process and can provide insight into the types of inventions that may have already been patented. To seek assistance from a patent law firm you can go to this website. They will provide advice on how to approach the search to ensure that all relevant information is uncovered. With the guidance of a patent law firm, the search can be conducted in a timely and efficient manner with the assurance that the results are accurate and complete. 

3. Use Patent Databases

Another step in conducting a design patent search is to use patent databases. The most commonly used patent database is the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database. This database contains all patents issued by the USPTO, including design patents. Other patent databases include Google Patents and the Patent Lens. These databases can be used to search for design patents using keywords, patent numbers, or classification codes. 


Once you have accessed a patent database, you can begin your search by entering relevant search terms. These terms can be related to the specific design you are interested in, or to the industry or product category. You can also search using the patent number or classification code if these are known. The results of your search will include a list of patents that match your search criteria, along with detailed information about each patent. It is important to review each patent carefully to determine whether it is relevant to your search and to make note of any similarities or differences with your own design. By conducting a thorough patent search, you can gain valuable insights into the existing design landscape and ensure that your own design is unique and innovative.

4. Use Classification Codes

Classification codes are used to categorize patents based on their subject matter. Design patents are classified using the Design Patent Classification System (DPCS). The DPCS is used to classify design patents based on the visual appearance of the object being patented. Using classification codes can help narrow down the search results and make it easier to find relevant patents.

5. Consider Similar Products

When conducting a design patent search, it is important to consider similar products. This can be done by searching for patents related to similar products or by searching for patents owned by competitors. This can help identify potential patent infringement issues and provide insights into the design patent landscape for a particular industry.


Conducting a successful design patent search is an important step in protecting a company’s intellectual property. By starting with the basics, using patent databases and classification codes, considering similar products, and hiring a professional when necessary, companies can ensure that their design patents are valid and provide a competitive advantage.

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