Things You Should Never DIY on Your Keilor Commercial Property

    Of course you’re always looking for ways to cut costs so you can benefit your bottomline. But when you own a commercial property in Keilor, you shouldn’t take this approach too far. Certain tasks require the input from professionals, and obtaining the services of an electrician of commercial plumbing experts is essential—especially to prevent a crisis.

    A DIY task may even lead to your insurance not covering expenses when something goes wrong. So, rather research local vendors and get numbers of experts in the industries listed below. 

    Maintenance Tasks to Outsource to Professionals

    Below is a comprehensive, but not exhaustive list of maintenance work you shouldn’t necessarily attempt on your own. If any other repairs or maintenance become necessary on your commercial property we suggest you call vendors who offer a quick, free consultation. Then determine whether you need to pay professionals or handle it yourself. 

    Safety and Security Features

    It’s vital to provide efficient safety and security features on a commercial property. If anything related to your alarm, access control system or fire extinguishers goes wrong, get it assessed and repaired by professionals immediately—preferably the company who originally installed it, as they will know best how to get it right the first time. 

    A temporary fix could put your business at risk and your insurance company may not want to pay out if there’s proof the system was out of order. 

    Furthermore, by making it a priority to provide high level security and safety features, the people on the premises will feel safe and looked after, boosting their morale. If they’re your employees, the money you spend getting problems fixed will be worth it because your staff will repay you in loyalty and higher productivity. 

    Electrical Work

    It’s YOUR responsibility to ensure you align with standards and regulations in terms of getting electrical checks done. But the work itself must be done by a professional. 

    For example, laws stipulate that a licensed electrician must do safety checks on a rental property once in 24 months. There are also guidelines on checking smoke alarms and other details of your electrical infrastructure. If you can’t produce the details of the last inspection, including who performed the work, it could mean trouble should anything go wrong. 


    Perhaps you enjoy working in the garden and therefore want to handle the upkeep of your commercial property’s plants outside? Nothing wrong with that, but landscaping can also require irrigation and pest control. 

    Ask professionals for assistance if your plans may require major changes to the layout. You don’t want to risk damaging a drainage system and needing an emergency plumber!

    Or, if you can’t eradicate pests efficiently yourself, it can get out of hand and make it difficult for pest control experts to quickly solve the problem. So, rather contact the pros early on in your landscaping process. 


    Inside the building there are also many tasks that you’ll need plumbing professionals for. Put one on speed dial after finding out which plumber Keilor residents trust, because they need to help you with the following and more:

    • Low or high water pressure
    • Water not draining
    • Testing for carbon monoxide
    • Water in pipes being too hot or cold
    • Leaks

    Any of these problems could seem minor at first glance, but often they’re only the symptoms of a much bigger issue. This is especially true for the intricate plumbing infrastructures on commercial properties. A plumber can quickly gauge the extent of the problem and prevent it from escalating into a full-blown, dangerous crisis. 

    Administration and Tenant Management

    If you have enough time on your hands—and patience—you could take up the administration along with managing tenants. However, it requires time and effort to manage multiple people’s queries and accounts.

    Not sending invoices on time affects cash flow and giving late responses to tenants’ complaints can result in contract breach. This could all harm your business and your reputation. Rather have someone focus on it round the clock if you have any doubts on your capacity to manage it efficiently. 

    Roof Work

    Yes, you can climb onto your roof, but there’s risk involved when working at height. It’s safer to ask professionals to help out. Also, they’re trained to notice small leaks or problems that can get worse down the line.

    HVAC System

    If your HVAC system isn’t looked after, potential problems range from units not working to unwanted noise and even filters no longer cleaning the air. Working on them carries the risk of being electrocuted and you often have to work at height, so once again, trusting the experts is the safe way to go. 

    Final Words

    When you get things done right the first time, you may be saving yourself money in the long run. There will be fewer repairs and emergencies to handle and pay for. This is especially true if you also discuss maintenance plans with some of the vendors above. It will become effortless to look after the property and preventative maintenance—even predictive maintenance in some sectors—saves companies huge amounts of money each year!

    Smart choices lead to the best outcomes! 

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