SportsThe best online games of 2023

The best online games of 2023

This year has been surprisingly rich with exciting video games, including major releases, unusual indies, remasters of classics, and long-awaited sequels to keep everyone entertained.

Here is a list of the top 9 online games of 2023 and why each game was a top performer. 

Hi-Fi Rush

The inaugural triumph of the year brings a groundbreaking fusion of audio and visual design. In Hi-Fi Rush by Tango Gameworks, every visual element harmonises with the pulsating beat of the soundtrack. Witness the protagonist tapping his toes and robotic janitors gracefully sweeping in the background, all synchronised to the rhythm.

This action-packed game immerses you in the role of an aspiring rock star who undergoes a unique transformation – his MP3 player becomes a part of his anatomy, letting him perceive music in a visceral way. Each attack, jump, and step resonates with a lively soundtrack. 

Available on: PC, Xbox.

Resident Evil 4

Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 4 redefines one of the most influential action games in history and preserves the original’s high-pressure intensity. Debates may arise about the merit of remaking classic titles, but Capcom’s approach transcends expectations. 

In line with their previous remakes, Resident Evil 4 emerges as essentially a new gaming experience, skillfully building upon the foundation laid by the 2005 classic – a title hailed as one of the most pivotal and influential games of the century.

Featuring updated controls, expanded storylines, and redesigned areas, this rendition solidifies its position as the year’s unrivalled action gaming experience, maintaining the unparalleled pacing and frenetic energy that made the original a standout in its time.

Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox.


The inaugural creation from Black Salt Games, Dredge invites players on a voyage of discovery that ventures into the shadows. While initially presenting itself as a cosy, maritime escapade focused on fishing, the game subtly hints at an underlying sense of unease. 

This particular brand of horror cleverly tugs at the strings of curiosity, distinguishing itself from horror games that prompt averting one’s gaze. 

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Dredge challenges players to peer ever closer into the darkness, embracing the unsettling allure of the unknown lurking beneath the waves.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

This sequel to the acclaimed Jedi: Fallen Order expands into even grander worlds, delivering a complex and exhilarating narrative that holds genuine surprises, catering to both avid and seasoned Star Wars enthusiasts.

Drawing inspiration from the Souls genre, the gameplay introduces an action-packed experience. For those daunted by the challenges posed by games like Elden Ring from FromSoftware, Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars series serves as an ideal initiation into the formula. 

With a more forgiving difficulty level than Elden Ring, players are treated to a thrilling Star Wars adventure, blending swashbuckling action with an enthralling narrative.

Available on: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In the gaming landscape of the current year, no other title fosters as much experimentation and playfulness as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Despite the journey still ahead in 2023, this game is poised to maintain its status as the premier gaming experience. 

The introduction of the ability to blend different items, creating novel inventions, beckons aspiring engineers to indulge in a level of play and experimentation seldom witnessed in titles of this magnitude.

Beyond its innovative mechanics, Tears of the Kingdom presents an enchanting adventure, marked by some of the most memorable moments in the series’s rich three-decade history.

Available on: Nintendo Switch.

Street Fighter 6

Introducing a vibrant and diverse roster of characters, Street Fighter 6 by Capcom promises continuous expansion. 

Unlike its predecessors, this latest iteration of the iconic Street Fighter series breaks away from the niche status traditionally associated with fighting games since the arcade era. The game pioneers a set of modern controls, simplifying the execution of professional-level moves for novice players.

Distinguished by its inclusive approach, Street Fighter 6 boasts a compelling story mode set in a fully explorable city, accompanied by a myriad of character customisation options. For those intrigued by the fighting game genre, this serves as the ideal entry point. 

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Fortunately, it stands out as not only a gateway into the world of fighting games but also as arguably the best-designed title within the genre.

Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox.

Diablo IV

Introducing a groundbreaking dimension to the Diablo series, traditionally rooted in a 2D plane with 3D assets, the latest instalment mesmerises with an illusion of depth and height. 

Diablo IV stands out with the most captivating fantasy world of the year, seamlessly blending novelty with the familiar allure of loots and power that has defined the Diablo franchise as one of the best-selling PC series in history. 

Despite the 23 years since its predecessor, the second game continues to command a dedicated player base. With its rich legacy, Diablo IV is poised to uphold this tradition, offering unparalleled value for gaming enthusiasts seeking an immersive experience.

Available on: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox.

Dave the Diver

Hailing from the creative minds of the small South Korean studio Mintrocket, Dave the Diver immerses players in a captivating narrative set in a portion of the ocean teeming with mysteriously and randomly gathered sea life from across the globe. 

Against this intriguing backdrop, the protagonist, Dave, seizes the opportunity to establish a fabulous new sushi restaurant. 

In this unique blend of a diving game and a restaurant business simulator, players assume the dual role of Dave – the humble diver who orchestrates the supply chain and means of production.

By day, indulge in the serene and visually stunning diving gameplay, capturing an array of fish and sea creatures. As night falls, transition into the role of the frantic wait staff, navigating the increasing demand for your restaurant’s exotic sushi experience. 

Dave the Diver emerges as a harmonious combination of relaxation and excitement, offering the most tranquil gaming experience of the year.

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Available on: macOS, PC.

Final Fantasy XVI

This year’s paramount audiovisual experience unfolds with a resounding score that accompanies some of the most colossal action sequences ever witnessed on screen, eclipsing even the grandeur of Hollywood’s largest epics. 

The epitome of how video games have evolved in visual presentation, this game seamlessly integrates player engagement into a tapestry of cinematics and playable sequences.

A compelling narrative, heavily influenced by the gripping dynamics of Game of Thrones, unfolds against a backdrop of kinetic and breathtaking action-fantasy scenarios. 

Beyond its visual splendour, the game stands as a testament to inclusivity, offering an array of options for novice action players to navigate and complete the story, ensuring enjoyment regardless of skill level.

Available on: PlayStation 5.

Understanding the internet requirements for gaming


For an exceptional gaming experience, a high-quality internet plan is crucial, characterised by low latency, ample bandwidth, and unwavering reliability. 

Latency, denoting the duration for your computer to communicate with the game server, holds particular significance. Elevated latency can lead to frustrating delays and lag during gameplay, significantly impeding the seamless enjoyment of your gaming experience.


Bandwidth, in the context of gaming, signifies the volume of data transferable within a specific timeframe. A pivotal factor for gaming, ample bandwidth is essential to guarantee smooth gameplay and enhance the visual quality of graphics.


The absolute minimum speed requirement for online gaming is usually around 3 Mbps for download and 0.5 Mbps for upload.

However, if you want to absolutely maximise your experience, you might want to consider upgrading to a gigabit internet plan – giving yourself 1000 Mbps of download speed and 50 Mbps of upload speed.

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