Ross Cameron Tells NewsNation: Roaring Kitty’s GameStop Livestream Not What People Expected


When Keith Gill, famous for making millions trading GameStop stock in 2021, decided to host his first livestream in years in early June, people expected to hear reasons for his continued investment in GameStop. But what Gill provided that day did not match those expectations, Warrior Trading founder Ross Cameron said in a live interview with NewsNation.

Cameron watched along with hundreds of thousands of people as Gill, known on YouTube as Roaring Kitty, started the livestream late and began with an extended joke about being injured with his arm in a sling, bandages on his face and wearing shades. He then transitioned into drinking a beer. 

In the NewsNation interview, Ross Cameron said he felt surprised by how the livestream unfolded. “I was hoping to hear him communicate his thesis of why he likes the stock and I was hoping that would send it a lot higher,” he said. “When he did his livestream, he came on late and it didn’t feel like he was really prepared.”

He noted that Gill confirmed he has invested $174 million of his own money into GameStop. Gill also reiterated his belief that GameStop has a big enough cash reserve to transform into a digital company and voiced his continued support for GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen.

However, the stock dropped 40% during the livestream, which Gill hosted on a Friday. It dropped another 12% when trading resumed the following Monday. The same day as the livestream, GameStop also reported that sales dropped 29% in its Q1 and announced the company would sell 75 million shares just days after it made $933 million by selling 45 million shares. 

Ross Cameron pointed out these sales effectively reduced the company’s market value by 25% in just a matter of days. “I’m disappointed in this price action. I’m not going to blame Roaring Kitty for it. I’m going to blame GameStop,” he said in a video on the Warrior Trading YouTube channel.

Ross Cameron is the founder of Warrior Trading, an online home for day traders that offers charts, stock screeners, chatrooms, trading simulators, and the Warrior Pro and Warrior Starter membership and training courses. Ross shares his knowledge through the Warrior Trading training courses, the Warrior Trading YouTube channel, and his books (the latest is How to Day Trade: The Plain Truth). 

In NewsNation Interview, Ross Cameron Talks About Roaring Kitty’s Livestream

Ross Cameron said during the NewsNation interview that he watched the livestream because “active traders crave volatility. That’s what we look for. And this is a very volatile stock. So, it fits our criteria for being worth considering. I was really excited for the livestream today because I wanted to get a better sense of the story behind why he’s buying this position.”

Before the livestream, Gill had announced his $174 million investment in GameStop, which Cameron said is a massive position for a single trader. “It’s nearly 6% of the company. So, he’s a whale at this point,” he said, contrasting that to the “small fish” trader Gill was before his success trading GameStop in 2021. 

For Cameron, the key to Gill’s appearance was understanding the logic behind taking that position. “What I was wondering was, what’s the difference between now and 2021? The short interest appears to be only 20%, whereas in 2021 it was up over 100%. I felt like in 2021 it was a deep value play. But today, I don’t know if it really has a deep value.”

Gill did not really add any more explanation to why he took the position other than reiterating his belief GameStop can change its business model and his faith in Cohen. 

“I think that all sounds good but, but for a lot of people standing on the sidelines, it didn’t feel convincing,” Ross Cameron said on NewsNation. “So, while he was streaming the price dropped from $38 a share all the way down to $27 a share, which on his 17 million shares he controls is an unrealized loss of $170 million.”

Cameron himself actually made money on the stock that day, trading the volatility in the stock during the announcement.

Offering a Take on Roaring Kitty’s Possible Intentions With GameStop

Ross Cameron calls Keith Gill “an absolute legend of our generation.” He told NewsNation that he is someone whom small investors hold in high esteem. 

“You know, if Warren Buffett came out and said he had a big position in the company, a lot of people would say, ‘All right, if Warren’s in, I’m in.’ And I think that’s the same with Roaring Kitty,” he said. “He’s very well received. He’s got a lot of respect among sort of the little guys.” 

However, he also added, as he does when speaking to people who follow him, that everyone must manage their risk. “So, I’m not blindly holding or following anyone,” he said.

In a subsequent Warrior Trading video about GameStop, Ross Cameron walked through the history of GameStop. He also talked about the potential for the company to use the cash it has in the bank to transform it into something different in the highly competitive gaming space. He estimated it has as much as $5 billion in cash, which could allow GameStop to transform into a sort of a Berkshire Hathaway.

That Omaha, Nebraska, company started as a textile manufacturer in 1839 and was changed starting in 1965 by new owner Warren Buffett into an investment company and multinational holding company. 

He also said that it’s possible that Gill might have been playing a bit of a role in the livestream in an attempt to trap shorts. But ultimately, he said, Gill’s approach on GameStop now hinges largely on his belief in Cohen. Ross Cameron said in his opinion, the thesis Gill had for buying GameStop in 2021 no longer holds. It is not a value play, the legacy business model is eroding and free cash flow is declining.

“So, it’s all kind of on Ryan. Is he the man? Is he going to be the Warren Buffett of our generation?” he asked. “I don’t know, but that’s kind of the question.”

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