Prime Day Email Marketing Strategies: Tips for Effective Campaigns

Prime Day Email Marketing Strategies: Tips for Effective Campaigns

Prime Day is the biggest shopping day of the year. This annual affair is held every summer. It’s a great option to draw in clients and improve sales. It means, developing complete Prime Day strategies is significant to increase your chance of success on the Prime Day’s sale.

And the significant question is: “Are you ready for Prime Day?” Do you understand how to do Amazon Prime Day Email marketing? This article will show you strategies as well as tips to grow your business and sales and also make the Amazon Prime Day Sale campaign successful.

What’s Amazon Prime Day?

Well, Prime Day on Amazon is a 2-day early sales affair that happens every in July in the US. The key point to recognize about this sale is that it is upscale to Amazon associates. This must already give you a vivid idea of the customer persona you are dealing with.

The expected product genres on sale are toys, home decor, apparel, and electronics. But the question is How to perform email marketing to get more sales on Prime Day. Let’s learn below

How Can SMS And Email Help You Take Advantage of Prime Day?

Here are the benefits below:

  • No matter where a customer is in the marketing funnel, automated SMS and email flows can assist in meeting their needs.
  • The use of email marketing fully benefits from the customer-centric strategy. Segmentation, high personalization, and automation are all tools you can use. It offers everything you require to address the demands and problems of your target market.
  • Within 30 min of receiving a message, 89% of people would read it, leading to swift and high reaction rates.
  • Consumers would agree to receive text messages from brands 91% of the time, allowing you to grow your lists.

Prime Day Strategies Tip For Effective Campaigns

Here are a few tips that you can use for your Amazon Prime Day strategies to get the most out of it.

Analyze the Categories Of Best-Selling Products

Restock your stock and draw attention to items that fit under the most well-liked product categories highlighted on Prime Day.

A few categories are as follows—

  • Beauty
  • Tools
  • Baby Care
  • Nutrition
  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Household Products

Then you can build an email marketing game strategy centered around your items related to these types.

Feature Relevant Items in The Teaser Messages

It mainly comes from a winning Holiday Marketing series. It is always necessary to warm up the possibilities with teaser emails.

Simply send promotional messages to your subscribers featuring items they would love to find in your Prime Day sale on Amazon. Tease the items and discounts you are providing to bring Prime Day buildup to your DTC shop.

Doing teaser promotion can assist you with segmentation. You Subscribers, who genuinely are eager for your content are certain to opt in.

Send Bundle Offers to Improve Your Average Order Value

Help your clients get started by simply sending them your bundle deals. Also, feature your Amazon products bundled together depending on the categories set on Prime Day.

Thus, You can present a selection of products for your customers to try first. These will lessen choice overload and ease customers into your catalog.

Additionally, combining complementary products into bundles might increase your average order value and give you a double whammy.

Here is an example email we developed. To appeal to the most environmentally concerned customers, they combined reusable products in this example.

Keep it short and straightforward for your SMS users, just like in the prior example.

Use Closing Promos to Boost Last-minute Shopping

Offering closing sale bargains may help you close your sale with a boom and encourage more last-minute sales.

The phrase “Last 24 Hours Before Sale Ends!” is perfect for emails in this situation. To urge your customers to shop before they miss out, you need to emphasize that “Everything Must Go!” spirit.

Here is yet another example of a Sommer Ray email. They used this email to extend an opportunity to anyone who missed the main winter sale events throughout their year-end sale special.

Pro Tip: By including countdown GFX in your email design, you may increase the sense of urgency.

Grow Your Email List With Exclusivity

You could take advantage of Amazon Prime Day to expand your SMS lists. Introduce pertinent exclusive deals and information that is only available to SMS users.

As a result, you enhance the value of your SMS channel and differentiate it from your other current channels. This is crucial since you wouldn’t want all of your channels to have the same audio quality.

You must integrate your various channels to provide a smooth consumer experience as part of your multichannel marketing strategy.

Utilizing exclusivity motivates your subscribers to join more than one of your streams. This in turn helps your list-building efforts.

Customize Your Email Automation

By building marketing automation in client Journey Builder, you can encourage more recurring business, boost client retention, and see up to four times as many purchases.
Always engage with your customers to encourage them.

Improve and maintain the frequency of more relevant interactions with contacts that are customized to their actions and desires.

Customize Your Segmentation

With the aid of the greatest segmentation tools, you can easily target people depending on their actions and interests, ensuring that your emails are pertinent and your consumers are prepared to make purchases.

By using projected segments to target your most valued clients, you can generate around 88% more income. Which clients tend to make more purchases and spend more money over time? We’ll let you know.

By developing segments that focus on particular behaviors, activities, and attributes, you may target customers who are most inclined to engage and convert.


Amazon Prime Day sale promises improved visibility and also sales for sellers, even in case you aren’t an active retailer on the platform.

Nevertheless, to make the maximum out of Prime Day, it is significant to have a powerful marketing strategy that will go beyond deep deals and build customer commitment in the future.