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Pricing Done Right: A Guide to Successful E-commerce Strategies


Do you need help setting fair pricing in the e-commerce marketplace? Selecting the right price that aligns with your e-commerce business can be a daunting task. 

But, there is a solution. Harness the power of an ecommerce assistant and maximize your sales. Various pricing strategies deal with upgraded knowledge & data-driven decisions that need well-grounded minds.

In this article, we will provide detailed guidelines that will help you learn how to price your products effectively for e-commerce.

Benefits of Setting an E-commerce Pricing Strategy 

From product production to optimum dispatch, your e-commerce business requires an effective pricing strategy that can vitalise your profits. So, here are some key benefits of why you should adopt a pricing strategy to amplify your business:-

    • Maximising Profits:- You can maximise your prophets and achieve your optimal goals by adopting a pricing strategy. It can help you balance your sales volume and profit margins.
  • Attracting More Customers:- Offering competitive prices for your products can help you attract customers to your e-commerce store. Customers will be looking for the best value for the money, so by optimising your pricing strategy, you can strengthen your customer base.
  • Responding to Market Changes:- With dynamic pricing strategies, you can quickly respond to changes in the market and adjust your prices accordingly. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and gain more customers.
  • Increasing Customer Loyalty:- A well-designed pricing strategy can build brand reputation, ensuring customer loyalty and trust. Customers, who know they are getting a good deal and consistent fair pricing are more likely to return to your e-commerce store.

Best Ecommerce Pricing Strategies for Your Business 

Let’s look at the most effective strategies that can turn your business into a prosperous one this year:

  1. Cost-Plus Pricing 

Cost-Plus pricing is a conventional E-Commerce pricing strategy that involves adding a predetermined markup to the production cost of a product to determine its final price. This strategy is simple to implement and provides a predictable profit margin for businesses. Yes, Cost-Plus pricing has limitations as it does not consider the value that a product provides to the customer in a competitive market. Therefore, businesses need to carefully evaluate the advantages and limitations of cost-plus pricing before adopting it as their primary pricing strategy for e-commerce.

  1. Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is known as the kind of pricing, where you adjust your e-commerce pricing according to your competitors’ pricing. For example, when a product price becomes higher than your competitor’s pricing, you can lower your pricing to attract more customers. This strategy doesn’t have many complexities, but you should stay on par with your competitor’s price. 

Hiring an ecommerce assistant can provide the best research for your competitor’s pricing and adjust your pricing automatically according to the market conditions.

  1. Value-based Pricing 

Value-based pricing is an e-commerce pricing strategy that determines the price of a product based on the value it provides to the customer rather than its cost of production. This strategy takes into account the customer’s willingness to pay and the comparative landscape of the market. Value-based pricing can help businesses differentiate their products from their competitors and maximise their profits. By understanding the unique needs and preferences of the customers businesses can offer products that provide a high-value proposition to the customer. As a result, they charge a premium price for it. However, value-based pricing requires deep knowledge and understanding of customers’ needs and businesses are needed to invest in the research and feedback they are getting from the customers to effectively develop the pricing strategy.

  1. Dynamic Pricing

An e-commerce pricing strategy can be adjusted by real-time pricing factors (like demand, supply, & competitor’s prices) by a dynamic pricing strategy. You can optimise your business quickly by utilising this strategy and maximise profits. It requires sophisticated pricing algorithms on demand, supply, costs of competitors & real-time data analysis to reach the coveted pricing.

Hiring a virtual assistant for ecommerce can streamline your business and automate the process reducing the time of your market research.

  1. Penetration Pricing 

Penetration Pricing is a strategy that can set the initial stage of pricing your product less than the competitors. You can consider this pricing strategy if you want to thrive with your products and beat off the initial competitors. By cutting down prices or giving seasonal exemptions on the prices of products, you can attract more customers, consolidating your client base.

  1. Psychological Pricing Strategy

 Psychological Pricing Strategy, also known as ‘Charm Pricing’ is an effective pricing strategy that can optimise your business to a new level. It takes into account the psychological thinking of the customers to influence their presumption of pricing.

For instance, if you keep your pricing at $6.99 rather than $7, you may win customer behaviour with a substantially lower price. It tricks the customer by ending in an odd number rather than a round-off number (like $7, $8,…, etc.) to buy the product.

  1. Premium Pricing 

A premium pricing strategy is sensitive to customers in a highly competitive market. Before adopting the strategy, one has to evaluate their product value, target audience, ecommerce store management services, and business goals to improvise the level of services. This influences the customers who are willing to pay a premium price to get high-quality products in their corridor. It can also improve your brand’s superiority and exclusivity, allowing your customers to differentiate your products from other brands in competition with yours.

Acknowledge Critical Aspects of the Pricing Strategy  

Before jumping into the various strategies for ascertaining the price of your product, you must consider some necessities that help you in deciding the prices. If you hire virtual assistant for your e-commerce business, you can get rid of the hassle of manoeuvring the price systems and get maximum benefits out of the business. 

Calculate the Expenses:

By calculating your costs levied in production, material, labour, & dispatch, you can determine your pricing strategy gaining insights into your profit margins. This can help you identify areas of cost-cutting measures and analyse benchmarks in the industry. You can simply calculate your COGS or Cost of Goods Sold to find out what profit you can earn by selling your product. 

For example, in your Shopify store management, you can simply calculate your costs on your inventory, shipping & marketing to remain profitable and competitive in the market.

Recognising Your Target Audience:

Recognizing your target audience will give you an overview of how to determine your profit margin before launching a product in the market. Your customers can vary based on your pricing strategy and product qualities. So, try to fix your business by skillfully figuring out your customer goals.

Upscaling Your Creativity 

In your business, to continuously strive for competitive pricing, you have to increase the value of your products as well. The more your product quality enhances the more you can secure an optimal price in the market.

To achieve this, focus on the base of your business, optimise your goods, maintain a smooth customer support system, give discounts, or hire an ecommerce assistant to streamline all these operations effectively. 


While you set a pricing strategy to stay competitive in the market, it is also significant to increase your brand value simultaneously. By attracting more customers, building a brand reputation, & responding to market changes, you can increase your customer loyalty and achieve long-term success in your business. Therefore, your business needs to carefully evaluate all the advantages and limitations before determining any primary pricing strategy for your e-commerce business.

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