Our Guide to Choosing a Cryptocurrency : Tips and Suggestions


What makes a good cryptocurrency casino? In recent years, estimates claim that there have been more than 900 different cryptocurrency gambling sites that have launched around the world. That means a lot of choices for the consumer as many of the sites have different features and functionality. 

In this guide, we’re running through some of the key considerations. What sets one cryptocurrency casino apart from the rest?

Choice of Games

There’s no reason for a crypto casino not to offer a huge range of slot games, with thousands of them on the market for players to try out.

Slot games are still the most popular of all the games at online casinos, and more people play slots online than any form of table game. The growth in the crypto casino industry shows that people value the choice to play online slots, but people also value choice. There are more than 600 game developers out there producing different types of slot games. While other factors such as security are crucial, customers often choose the casino with the most variety in their game options.

Slot games have the most variety, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t see modern takes on classic games. For instance, many crypto casinos offer games that date back hundreds of years, including poker, baccarat, and blackjack. There are new versions of these games released regularly. Some have tweaks to the rules and others boast new modern interfaces with interesting graphics.

When it comes to poker, the most popular form of poker played in cryptocurrency casinos is Texas Hold’em. A lot of people spend time building up their strategy for this game, getting to know the hierarchy of the cards and the way the betting works. However, there are other variations of poker and some people prefer these. Omaha and Five-Card Draw are also options for those who want to play something a little different. 

Cryptocurrency casinos may also offer specific games that the casinos using traditional currencies do not. Crypto-specific games like Crash have proven to be very popular in recent years. The goal of this game is to follow a stock-market-style interface and cash out before the crash comes. 

Everybody has their own preference for casino games. Some like a game of chance like slots, and others prefer to be able to have an impact on a game like poker. 


One of the reasons people tend to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the added security that it brings. One of the key benefits of crypto and blockchain technology is the fact that it is secure and decentralized. 

However, you should still be able to trust the casino in question with other aspects of safety, such as keeping your personal data safe. Players should check the reviews other users have left for the casino, and look for basics such as the terms of service and the SSL certificate issued to the site. These are all signs of a safe and secure website. 

Cryptocurrency does mean that fewer details have to be shared with the casino, and you don’t have the risk of card details being stolen. However, there are still personal details such as name and date of birth players may leave on the site which others can use if they aren’t secure.

Choice of Cryptocurrencies

This matters to some people, and not to others. A lot of people are just looking to use Bitcoin, which means that they don’t care too much if the site offers support for other cryptocurrencies. Some players would rather deposit and withdraw using Ethereum or other popular coins. People who value this choice should always check the site before signing up, to ensure they can use the currency they hold. 

Customer Support

If a player runs into any sort of problem while they are playing, it helps if they have somebody to talk to. Customer support may come in the form of a Live Chat function or an email address that customers can contact if they have an issue with their account or when playing on the site. This could be as simple as a technical bug, but it is frustrating for those who want to play casino games but can’t, or are struggling with things like the payment platform.


Many casinos also offer bonuses, and players will often check these before they deposit into an account. It may give them extra free spins or even bonus money to play with.


It can be overwhelming to look at the number of casinos on the market and compare and contrast them. There are so many choices out there. Security and support are essential, but many users will also look for things like the bonuses they offer when signing up, or even the selection of games.