Modernist kids’ furnishings and accessories

One of the first places a kid claims as their own, a child’s room is important because it allows them to express themselves and teaches them about the freedom and responsibility that come with ownership.

Decorating a room or a home with kids in mind demands creativity. Furniture and décor must be both pleasurable and comfortable for children to enjoy it, in addition to being practical and long-lasting. With a few modern pieces of children’s furniture and décor, you may create rooms that kids will like while still being chic and modern.

Bed linens, cribs and cradles, kids high chairs, baby mattresses, dry sheets, kids towels, kids sleeping pillows, curtains, and a variety of other bedroom accessories are all available at Wakefit. These items will allow your child to live in a paradise of adventure and joy.

Take a look at these ideas for furnishing a child’s bedroom with modern pieces

  • How to Pick the  best Baby Cradle:
  • Purchase a nice baby cradle


You might want to reconsider using the cradle that your parents used for their own children if you have it stored in your attic.

Although hand-me-downs and heirlooms are precious and can help you save a lot of money, there are some baby products you should always buy brand-new. One of them is the bed for your child.

It’s usually preferable to get the most recent model available to make sure your child is getting a top-notch Cribs and cradles that has been examined with the greatest safety standards.

When you purchase second hand baby beds online you never know what kind of wear and tear they have experienced.

When buying a cradle, crib or bassinet, make sure it is brand new, complies with safety regulations and has all of its components in place. Both you and your kid will sleep better as a result.

  • Choose breathability

Choose breathable materials for the mattress and the sides of the cradle or crib, no matter what your baby sleeps in. Wooden slats on the sides of most cradles provide for optimum ventilation around the infant.

Use the mattress that came with your cradle if one is provided because it was made to suit that particular cradle. You will need to purchase a mattress if it doesn’t come with one.

Advice: Think about Newton Baby’s breathable Crib Mattress while selecting a mattress for the crib your child will eventually outgrow!

Safe sleep recommendations recommend that you always put your infant to sleep on their back. However, if you have a Wakefit Baby Crib Mattress, you can sleep soundly knowing that if your baby rolls onto their stomach at night, they will be able to breathe through the mattress!

3.Avoid Using Small Parts


Avoid baby cradles with little pieces that your infant might place in their mouth in order to prevent choking dangers. Additionally, look for any sharp edges or protrusions, especially on the cradle’s inside walls.

Another approach to prevent choking dangers from being in your child’s bed? Don’t place their infant’s cradle below drapes, blinds, or strings that could get caught in it.

This is where purchasing a brand-new, high-quality cradle will also be beneficial!

Some hand-painted or vintage cradles may have rough or flaking exteriors. You should check to see if the crib’s slats are smooth and devoid of paint chips.

We don’t want your priceless child to unintentionally consume any paint or wood fragments while playing!

  • Advice for Safeguarding Your Child in a High Chair:

Most incidents include children standing in the chair and falling, which causes head, neck, and face injuries such as bruises, scrapes, or concussions.

The three or five points listed below are the greatest ways to keep your child safe:


To ensure that your youngster sits securely and isn’t wriggling around in the chair, make sure the crotch strap is tight.

  1. Set up a schedule for just utilising the high chair for meals. Do not allow children to play with it.
  2. Use the chair’s included restraint system. The lap table is insufficient as a restraint.
  3. Keep an eye on your youngster when they are in the high chair. To ensure they don’t choke or attempt to leave the chair, keep a close check on them at all times.
  4. Never let your kid sit up or climb onto the chair.
  5. Make sure the high chair is placed far enough away from counters and tables so that children can’t tip it over with their legs.
  6. Check for recalls on toys and Kids High Chair both before and after purchasing them.


  • You should put these healthful and very absorbent baby dry sheets on your must-have list


Baby dry sheets, often referred to as Baby Mattress or surface protectors, are fleece-based sheets with a membrane on one side to catch baby poop and shield the surface (or your lap) below. It is safe to lay the infant straight on the fleece because it is warm and soft. These linens encourage beneficial diaper-free time. Wet clothing is the most unpleasant thing for a newborn. Getting a super-absorbent, healthy dry sheet preserves the mattress while also making your infant feel comfy. Finally, your little one is here, and as a new mother, you are confident that you have completed your checklist of newborn necessities.

  • Baby dry sheets’ strengths include:


1.These anti-allergic Dry sheets protect your infant from viruses and germs, keeping her free from illnesses.

2.The waterproof nature of the sheets ensures that your baby sleeps soundly and dry.

3.They get rid of poo and urine smells.

4.They shield the bedding for your infant from stains and moisture.

5.The machine may wash the bedding more than once.

6.They soon dry.


7.Unlike single-use plastic sheets, they can be reused, which helps the environment. For a standard wash and usage cycle, you only need three of these baby dry sheets.

  • Baby Bath Towels

Your child’s health will be very important to you as a parent. Before purchasing anything for your child, whether it be baby food, clothing, toys, soaps or Kids towels, you take the time to investigate the top brands, as well as their reputation, quality, and user experience. You take all of these precautions because you are aware that your baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to a variety of issues, including health issues. Regarding the toys and meals, we have no knowledge, but when it comes to the towels, we are aware of how towels might affect your child’s cleanliness.

Read on to discover more about this.

  1. Easily infected by bacteria

The immune system of a child does not fully mature until the age of 14. So they are vulnerable to bacterial infections right now. They engage in a lot of social interaction, play in the mud, and as we all know, youngsters are still figuring out how to practise proper personal hygiene. These factors all facilitate bacterial reproduction. If the wrong towel is not used after a bath, infection-causing bacteria can grow and cause rashes, pimples, acne, and other skin conditions, especially in early adolescence.

  1. Nutrients from nature

Your child has the most fragile skin, as was already noted, and harsh chemicals and dyes are not exactly kind to skin. Therefore, your towel should only contain natural materials so that they won’t harm your child’s skin. It is imperative that the towels you use for your children are not produced with potent toxins.

  1. Mild, delicate, and gentle

All these adjectives apply to one thing: the skin of your child.

Because children’s skin is often highly sensitive, using the wrong towel might easily make them feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, the towels you use must be gentle and shouldn’t in any way harm your child’s skin.


  1. Be damp and then dry

You will be aware of how quickly a baby may get wet if you have children. They adore dampness, frequently urinate, and frolic in the water. As a result, your towel ought to be able to absorb quickly and dry even more so. You can’t wait for your towel to dry before using it again with how frequently your kids get wet.

This makes it a crucial feature. Always opt for towels that absorb quickly and dry quickly.

  1. Length also affects

The length of the towel is something we rarely think about while purchasing them, despite it being a crucial component. After a relaxing bath, your towel should be long enough to wrap up in. After all, that is what gives your child comfort and a sense of security. naturally, your hug!



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