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Microsoft Office 2010: HOW Alternative Wps office work?


In terms of productivity software, Microsoft Office 2010 has completely changed the game. It provides an excellent selection of programs that are made to fit both personal and business needs.

In this article, we’ll examine Microsoft Office 2010’s features, including its key features, system prerequisites, and the most effective method for microsoft office 2010 free download it. We’ll also look into WPS Office as a desirable substitute.

Microsoft Office 2010 – An Overview

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 – A software to design exciting slideshows.
  2. Microsoft Outlook 2010 – An email and personal information management system.
  3. Microsoft OneNote 2010 – A digital note-taking software for recording and organising ideas.
  4. Microsoft Access 2010 – A database management system that allows for creating and managing a database.
  5. Microsoft Publisher 2010 is A publishing desktop program that lets you create professional publications.

The Key Features of Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 introduced several new features and improvements, such as:

Backstage View

The Backstage View was a central location for managing files, which included options for printing, saving and sharing documents.

Improved collaboration

Office 2010 emphasized collaboration by introducing features such as co-authoring and the ability to edit multiple users’ documents simultaneously.

Pictures Editing and Artistic Effects

Advanced tools for editing images allowed users to improve photos and create artistic effects for Microsoft Office applications.

Screen Capture built-in

Users can capture screenshots directly from Office applications and add the images to documents.

protected View

Increased security measures were implemented to safeguard users from potentially dangerous documents downloaded via the internet.

Requirements for System to Microsoft Office 2010

System requirements to run Microsoft Office 2010 are as the following:

  • Operating system: Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (32-bit), Windows Vista with Service Pack 1, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit).
  • A processor that is running at 500 MHz or more.
  • RAM is at least 256 MB.
  • HDD Space 3GB of space on disks available.
  • Display Resolution 1024×576 or more significant.

How to download Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft office 2010 free download and is accessible for direct download through Microsoft’s official website since more recent versions have replaced it. However, Office 2010 users can access authorized stores or online retailers, which may still have genuine versions that include Office 2010.

WPS Office as an Alternative

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WPS Office, developed by Kingsoft Corporation, is a flexible office suite that offers a replacement for Microsoft Office 2010. It comes with WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheets and WPS Presentation as alternatives to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as PowerPoint.

WPS Office offers compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, a user-friendly interface and advanced features for spreadsheet analysis and word processing in addition to presentation designing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s WPS Office, and how can it be used as a replacement for Microsoft Office 2010?

WPS Office, developed by Kingsoft Corporation, is a flexible office suite that provides alternatives to Microsoft Office 2010. It comes with WPS Writer (degrees symbol in word), WPS Spreadsheets (Excel), and WPS Presentation (PowerPoint) as alternatives to Microsoft applications.

What are the most critical advantages that makeup WPS Office as an alternative?

The essential characteristics offered by WPS Office include a user-friendly interface similar to Office 2010, advanced formatting options, cloud integration for quick access to files, templates to create documents quickly and cross-platform support to increase productivity.

Do I have the ability to collaborate with other users using WPS Office?

WPS Office provides collaboration features that permit many members to create and work on documents simultaneously, like Microsoft Office’s feature for co-authoring.

What is the tenth question: can I utilize WPS Office for personal and professional use?

WPS Office can be operated for educational, personal or professional reasons with a wide range of tools and features for various projects and tasks.


Alex Hales Work for BTM
Alex Hales Work for BTM
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