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Meet The Barrister behind AI Research Start-Up Plazo Sullivan Roche: Joseph Plazo

There are those who walk predictable paths, and then there are the pathfinders like Joseph Plazo. He is a serial entrepreneur whose journey has been as diverse as it is inspiring. Trained as a lawyer, a published author, and a luminary in the fields of machine learning, digital marketing, and business development, Plazo is a testament to the transformative power of resilience and ambition.

From the ashes of personal tragedy, Plazo rose with a sharpened focus and an iron will, turning setbacks into stepping stones to significant business growth. As a partner, investor, and consultant to an array of start-ups including Exceed Global, Empowered Development, Sumosam, Midasoft LLC, United Travel Group, and Plazo Sullivan Roche, his impact on the entrepreneurial landscape has been nothing short of transformative.

But his achievements extend beyond the realm of start-ups. Having helmed brand and marketing departments for the INC 5000 companies Convergys, goFluent, TTEC, and ISW, Plazo has demonstrated that growth-minded thinking transcends boundaries. His journey, however, has not been without its challenges. Despite more than half of his start-ups folding over time, Plazo remains an unwavering advocate of entrepreneurship.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial evolution, Plazo’s passion for business emerged during his teenage years. From tutoring peers for a small fee to reselling jewelry bought in Quiapo, his initial ventures underlined the potent truth that “profits are better than wages.” This belief carried him through the toughest of times, including the pandemic, during which he lost nearly all his income sources.

Undeterred, Plazo harnessed the crisis as an opportunity, co-founding an entity that developed automated trading systems designed to protect and grow capital. In a testament to its success, their Telegram Channel accrued a staggering 150,000 followers within two years, offering indispensable market insights to subscribers.

For Plazo, the thrill of entrepreneurship lies not just in the financial gain or customer satisfaction, but in the tantalizing prospect of unfettered growth. The journey of setting audacious goals, striving relentlessly to achieve them, and then pushing the envelope even further fuels his entrepreneurial fire.

Summarizing his entrepreneurial life in one word, Plazo chooses ‘Exciting.’ The relentless learning, the thrill of steering a company, and the evolving challenges make his journey nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

The three key motivators propelling him into the business realm were the allure of being his own boss, the thrill of single-handedly steering a company’s success, and the enticing challenge of limitless expansion. These, he asserts, continue to drive him every day.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Plazo posits that comprehensive market research, tireless work ethic, and a profound understanding of every aspect of the business are the cornerstones of success. Moreover, he cautions, be prepared to invest more than you initially budgeted.

Growing a business, Plazo admits, is no easy feat. Identifying suitable partners, managing time constraints, and implementing scalable technology rank among his most formidable challenges. His approach? A ruthless prioritization, relentless focus, and an unwavering commitment to cutting the chaff that does not contribute to success.

On leadership, Plazo emphasizes the twin principles of respect and honesty. He lives by the creed, “Never send troops to fight a battle you wouldn’t fight yourself,” signifying his willingness to lead by example, no matter the task at hand.

As for the 2023 outlook for small businesses worldwide? Plazo predicts a daunting recession on the horizon, triggered by unchecked post-pandemic inflation and the collapse of financial structures. But even amidst this foreboding forecast, he envisions a spark of opportunity – a forced evolution of business strategy where artificial intelligence becomes an indispensable tool to explore new markets and foster innovation on a shoestring budget. In the entrepreneurial world of Joseph Plazo, adversity doesn’t spell the end; it signals the dawn of a new beginning.

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