Marketing Tips 2021: 7 Reasons Why Lenticular Printing Is Gaining Popularity

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    Marketing spends are earmarked at roughly 11% of revenue in a business’ budget. With that large amount being poured into collateral, you’ve got a big question to answer…

    Which marketing collateral should you invest in?

    Modern marketers answer this question by shouting about digital ads. And while they’re not wrong when it comes to the value digital can bring, there’s nothing cutting-edge about throwing your marketing money into pay-per-click campaigns.

    Marketing tips 2021 lists have largely moved beyond tried and true methods and are now looking to lean on directives that disrupt the audience’s expectations. One of the chief technologies that are doing just that is lenticular printing.

    For the uninitiated, lenticular printing is a workflow that creates images that change based on how you tilt your print. Below, we describe why this technology is catching fire in the world of marketing.

    1. Affordable

    Print marketing is notoriously affordable. Granted, lenticular marketing isn’t your standard print fare. The technology that’s used to impose multiple images onto a print’s micro-creased surface requires specialized equipment and expertise to execute.

    Those sorts of specialty workflows may have you thinking that lenticular marketing is out of reach but we’re here to tell you that it’s more in reach than ever.

    As more shops get into the lenticular printing game given the renewed interest in the product, prices are dropping saving teams like your big time on big print jobs.

    2. Lenticular Printing Is Not Used Widely

    Even with marketing tips 2021 gurus talking about lenticular printing more, this means of marketing is by no means a common conversation piece. What that means for you is a serious opportunity.

    With few businesses riding the efficacy of lenticular prints, you have an opportunity to stand out among crowds at fairs, trade shows, and other events where you’ll be standing shoulder to shoulder with competitors.

    3. Catching People’s Eyes

    Marketing is all about pulling in people’s attention. It used to be that you could do that with a pop-up ad online. Now those ads are blocked.

    It used to be you could do that with a flyer. Now you almost have to pay people to take flyers off your hands and even if they do, you can count on them ending up in the trash within the hour.

    Given the interactivity that lenticular marketing features, this marketing collateral shatters onlooker’s expectations and will almost certainly be engaged with by everyone that picks up your piece.

    That in itself is well worth the investment in this means of spreading your business’ message.

    4. Print Makes for Easy Distribution

    Can you speak to how best to target keywords, bid on them through Google’s CMS, and how to monitor your campaigns from there? Chances are, the answer is no.

    Can you speak to how to hand physical collateral to customers that work, live, and shop in your community? We’re guessing that answer to that is yes.

    For busy teams that are looking for simple ways to target meaningful swaths of the population, there’s nothing easier than distributing marketing materials via print.

    5. Physical Marketing Means More

    The more you can get people to engage with your message, the more likely your messages will resonate with them. To that end, lenticular printing has two key advantages.

    First off, lenticular prints are physical. That means any time that somebody takes it, they need to take notice given that they’re literally holding the message in their hand.

    Second, lenticular prints are interactive. Their message changes based on how they’re tilted which, as we’ve touched on, further engages consumers and creates more opportunities for retention.

    Compare that to a Google ad which user’s have been trained to immediately scroll past. Therein lies why physical messaging matters.

    6. Two Messages for the Price of One

    One marketing piece, one message. That’s the typical expectation when it comes to collateral that you invest in.

    Given lenticular printing’s ability to accommodate multiple messages, you can get two, three, or even more messages on a single piece of collateral.

    Imagine handing people a lenticular flyer that when tilted to the left showed your discounted items, when held center described your new location, and when tilted to the right offered a 10% discount in exchange for redeeming the flyer at your store.

    That sort of messaging might seem like science fiction. Believe us when we say though that with lenticular technology, it’s 100% possible.

    7. Less Likely to Get Trashed

    There’s no doubt that a lenticular print will present more of an investment to your company than a standard flyer. With that in mind, it would be extra painful to see your lenticular collateral go the way of the standard flyer (crumbled and trashed).

    Fortunately, given the weight and regal feel of a lenticular print, people that receive this kind of collateral are much more likely to hold onto it for longer periods of time, take the collateral home, and place it somewhere where they’ll continue to see it.

    Every moment your marketing material is in the world is an additional return or your investment!

    Put Lenticular Printing Near the Top of Your Marketing Tips 2021 List

    As you start to aggregate all of the marketing tips 2021 guidance you can at the top of the year, do yourself a favor and remember that your business could benefit big time from lenticular printing.

    We advise you to shop quotes with well-regarded providers and to see if they have ideas on how you can best showcase your businesses’ many messages through this unique technology.

    Do you still have questions about lenticular printing? Curious to know more about how to get the word out about your business?

    If so, check out the newest content we have available on our blog.