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Market Salesforce Integration – A Road to streamline lead lifecycle


The lead cycle is a multi-step flow that begins with marketing and ends with sales
processes.. To drive a lead to a final step and accelerate the acquisition, sales and
marketing teams should interact faster and get the actual customer insights. This calls
for an effective alignment between customer-centrics teams and tools they use. Here is
where the Marketo Salesforce integration comes. In this article we explain how the data
integration helps facilitate the work of customer-centric teams.

How does Market Salesforce Integration align
marketing and sales teams and improves customer

In order to improve customer experience, the teams have to understand customer
needs in a certain period of time. Yet, the marketing department has different
information on the clients than the sales team. Therefore, it is crucial to implement a
smooth data synchronization system. And Marketo Salesforce Integration allows that.
Merging these tools, enables automated data flows and processes. It makes it possible
to create a unified customer profile, accessible in both tools. . As a result, the teams are
able to access integrated insights, actual reports, and spend less time on low-value
tasks such as exchanging information. Moreover, due to automation, the data exchange
is not prone to human error, thus ensuring that both marketing and sales teams have
the most accurate and complete customer profiles.

How Market Salesforce Integration facilitates lead
lifecycle and message consistency

Better alignment between marketing and sales teams is also crucial for the lead
lifecycle. After all, it is the former that acquires the leads while the latter acts on them. A
Marketo Salesforce integration helps both teams identify the leads with a high propensity
to purchase.
The marketing team gathers information about the customer behavior, engagement and
needs, and then the sales applies these insights to the acquisition process. As a result,
the sales team knows which leads they should prioritize to close deals, and the
marketing team understands who they should target to generate qualified leads..
Additionally, the integration helps to deliver a consistent message across multiple
channels. Sending unified messages to the audience, it´s crucial for customer
experience. Having the synchronized audience needs and previous engagement,
customer-centric teams can apply these insights to the message and automate the
engagement sending a correct message at scale. This way every customer will get an
offer that absolutely covers his needs.


Marketo Salesforce integration is an effective way to better collaboration between
marketing and sales teams. It automates the routine operations, sunchronizes the data,
and , enhances communication between the teams and customers, , and finally helps
create a unified system with engagement and acquisition insights.

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