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How to Keep Your Nail Polish in Top Shape

A splurge on a manicure is great if you can manage the upkeep, but is a $30 trip to nail salon worth the aggravation of a chipped nail only a few days later?  By purchasing long-lasting brands of nail polish and employing a few little-known beauty tricks, you can have nails to die for that won’t kill your budget.  Make your homemade manicure last as longer, if not longer, than those who can afford the maintenance.

First, visit a beauty retailer to pick out the shades you want.  While drug stores sell polish in abundance, those of the cheaper variety will chip as quickly as you please, and you’ll end up using the whole bottle just to keep up with the touch-ups.  Splurge on some high-end products, which range from $5 to $20 a bottle, and stretch the item as long as you can.  First, pick out the color you would like.  Then grab a bottle of base coat and a bottle of top coat.  Once you have brought your goodies home, allot at least an hour to devote solely to your manicure. Grab a cotton ball and some nail polish remover, and rub the remover over each nail carefully to lift any particles remaining on your nails.

Next, make sure that your nails are in tip-top shape.  File them, clip them, and buff them until any cracks or broken edges have been smoothed.   If you start with healthy nails, they will be less prone to breaking, which will ensure that your nails will resist chipping. You can use regular nail polish with a gel top coat that you actually like. Roll the nail polish bottle between your hands for roughly 10 seconds..  Apply a clear base coat to each nail and wait for it to thoroughly dry.  Then, apply your color, wait for it to dry, and apply a second time. Apply the top coat, and give yourself plenty of time to sit back, relax, and let those nails set.  Your next appointment won’t cost a dime!

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