How Toronto Verified Response Can Keep Commercial Property Safe


When it comes to securing your commercial property, ensuring the safety of your employees, customers, and assets is a top priority.

In Toronto, the Verified Response program is designed to enhance the effectiveness of security measures while minimizing false alarms.

In this article, we will explore how Toronto Verified Response (TVR) can keep commercial properties safe and discuss the benefits of implementing this strategy.

Understanding Toronto Verified Response


Toronto Verified Response is a policy implemented by the Toronto Police Service (TPS) that requires Remote video monitoring companies to verify an alarm before police are dispatched. Verification can be done through audio or video confirmation, eyewitness accounts, or multiple alarm activations. By ensuring alarms are legitimate, TVR reduces false alarms and improves police response times.


The primary goals of Toronto Verified Response are to reduce the number of false alarms, ensure efficient use of police resources, and increase overall security for commercial properties. By requiring verification before police are dispatched, TVR helps businesses enhance their security measures while reducing unnecessary strain on law enforcement.

How Toronto Verified Response Works

Alarm Verification

When an alarm is triggered at a commercial property, the live monitoring company must first verify the alarm before contacting the police. Verification methods include reviewing video or audio feeds, contacting the property owner, or receiving reports from security personnel on-site. If the alarm is verified, the Video monitoring company then notifies the police.

Immediate Response

Once an alarm is verified, police are dispatched to the scene immediately. This quick response is crucial for minimizing potential damage and deterring criminals, making TVR an essential tool in keeping commercial properties safe.

Benefits of Toronto Verified Response

Reducing False Alarms

False alarms can be a significant issue for both business owners and law enforcement. TVR helps to significantly reduce the number of false alarms, saving businesses money and ensuring police resources are used effectively.

Efficient Use of Police Resources

By reducing the number of false alarms, TVR allows law enforcement to allocate their resources more efficiently. This enables officers to respond to genuine emergencies faster, enhancing the overall safety of the community.

Enhanced Security

With TVR in place, commercial properties benefit from enhanced security measures. Verified alarms mean that police can respond more quickly to genuine emergencies, providing a higher level of protection for businesses and their assets.

Implementing TVR in Commercial Properties

Choosing the Right Security System

To take advantage of the benefits offered by TVR, commercial property owners must first invest in a high-quality security system. The system should include alarm sensors, cameras, and other essential components that can detect and alert in the event of an intrusion.

Professional Video Monitoring

Once the Avigilon security camera is installed, it’s crucial to have it professionally monitored by a reputable company. These companies employ trained personnel who can respond quickly in case of an emergency, verifying alarms and contacting law enforcement when necessary.

Employee Training

To maximize the effectiveness of TVR, it’s essential to train employees on the proper use of the security system. This includes familiarizing them with the alarm activation process and ensuring they understand how to respond in case of an emergency. Proper training can help prevent false alarms and ensure that employees know how to respond in the event of a genuine security threat.

Additional Security Measures

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are an essential component of any commercial property’s security plan. These systems can restrict entry to specific areas of the building, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed in. By limiting access, businesses can prevent unauthorized entry and reduce the risk of theft or damage.

Remote Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is an effective way to monitor a commercial property and deter criminal activity. Cameras can be placed strategically throughout the building, providing continuous monitoring of high-risk areas. With TVR in place, video surveillance footage can be used to verify alarms and provide evidence in the event of a break-in or other security threat.

Security Guards

In some cases, having a trained security guard on-site can provide an added layer of protection for commercial properties. Guards can monitor access points, patrol the premises, and respond quickly to emergencies, providing an extra level of security and peace of mind for business owners.


Toronto Verified Response is an essential tool for keeping commercial properties safe and secure. By requiring verification of alarms before dispatching police, TVR helps reduce false alarms and ensures that law enforcement resources are used efficiently. By implementing TVR in conjunction with other security measures, businesses can create a comprehensive security plan that provides maximum protection for employees, customers, and assets.