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How To Install an Indoor LED Grow Light Correctly?

When it comes to growing indoor plants, we have our conditions, restrictions, and possibilities to create our own growing space. Whether you are growing cannabis, vegetables, or indoor plants, this article understands how to install indoor LED grow lights and why it is essential to have the correct height between indoor plants and LED grow lights. 

Importance of Grow lights

Outdoor plants naturally rely entirely on the light source. When you bring them, you have to do something special for them. The light must be artificially placed to initiate photosynthesis. This is probably the main difference between indoor and outdoor plant settings. Greenhouse LED Grow light is essential for plants, but it’s not 100% sun. Therefore, without these lights, your plant will never grow and die immediately. Grow light is the basic unit of foliage plants.


These lights have one more advantage. Light also provides heat to plants as it produces energy that raises the temperature. From these lights, we obtain both light and heat for the tremendous growth of plants.

Four easy steps to fix LED grow lights:

Installing indoor LED grow lights for grow tents is a trouble-free process. So, do it yourself because it requires just a few minutes to get it done. You do need to be a certified electrician or expert to install it. We’ve broken down the most straightforward steps to guide you to start LED grow light or other light installations for your grow room.

1- Locate the grow tent light source

It is just as important to choose a location and choose the light itself. Proper positioning of light provides more space and better light performance for tent pitches. As we know, light acts as the sun. That’s why you have to hang it upside down to wear as much as possible. Therefore, it is best to turn the floor light from the ceiling.

  • Lights should be hung through studs in the ceiling.
  • You can use a light stand if your grow tent does not have a light installation rod.
  • To install studs for light, the middle of the ceiling is best.
  • To find the middle point, measure the tent carefully from all four corners.
  • The light should be positioned directly above the plant and some distance away.

2- Attach hooks or joists to grow tents or grow stands


The glow tent comes with a fixed rod that allows you to hang everything you need from the ceiling. If you do not have this, you can use the light stand to attach or hang the racks.

  • When seedlings are established, adjust the height of the growing stand near the plant pots. This will ensure that the lights are performing at their best with minimum leakage.
  • Plastic hooks will not withstand much weight and should not be used.
  • Stainless steel heavy-duty hooks will last a long time with heavy light panels.

3- Hang lights using Light Hangers or Rope Ranchers


If there are no hanging rods in the ceiling, the hooks are often completed or enlarge the stand. Next, attach the hanger to the back and prepare the light panel. These hangers come with a lightbox or can be purchased. Attach at least four launcher slings to the points below the light panel. Then place the launcher in each corner according to the size of the fair board, fix the rope to the ceiling with a stick, and adjust it with the launcher pulley. Lock the farmer’s clip after altering the height appropriately.

4- Adjust the height of the Grow Light

That is all. The panel is ready to hang the shining light. Good luck if the light is already built into the board. If not, you can buy an LED, LEC, or HPS light and install it under the holder at the bottom of the panel installation. Keep these lights on for 8-12 hours, depending on the type and size of the plant. Also, adjust the height according to the size of the plant. Tighten the tent to prevent light leakage.

LED Grow Light Height

LED grow lights are an old friend of plants as they produce less heat than other lights. Most growers like to plug it into their grower as it lasts longer than different types of light. Generally, the indoor LED grows light should be 12 to 13 inches high, just above the plant’s crown. But you can adjust this height when the plant grows.

Growers use adjustable hangers to attach these lights. These lights can be raised or lowered as the plant grows. However, the power of the greenhouse LED grow light is a determinant of its height. High-voltage lights are usually hung away from the plant. This is because the upper branches can burn their leaves. However, you can fix a low voltage light at a low height.


We want to outline how to fix an indoor LED grow light. It is good to know that these LED grow lights are adjustable. They act as the sun for photosynthesis. Indoor plants need indoor LED grow light to grow 8-12 times a day. If you purchase a complete kit with a glowing tent, please read the menu and follow the instructions carefully before installing.

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