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How to Identify a Caller and 5 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites to Use



Spam calls especially from unknown callers can interrupt a productive day. Incessant calls from unknown numbers are one of the numerous ways scammers and pranksters use in baiting their victims. As a phone user, you definitely want to avoid falling victim to pranksters and scammers, this is why it is essential to identify any unknown caller.

Reverse phone lookup services carry out background checks on phone numbers using public records provided by diverse local, state, and federal government agencies. They provide a detailed report on the owner of the phone number. With the free phone lookup tool, it is easy to verify the identity of telemarketers, phishers, and erroneous callers. It is useful to discover crucial details about the owner of an unknown phone number.

More service providers have added digital footprint algorithms to their existing systems; this has allowed them to add social media details to their reporting systems. Although there are numerous sites out there, here is a review of the best reverse phone lookup services.

  1. NumLooker –  It has an excellent user interface that is based on uncomplicated design and smooth navigation.
  2. USPhoneLookup –  a free and secure online reverse phone lookup service that allows you to gather background information
  3. USPhoneSearch –  It can track the details of a phone number and even provide the current area and location of the number
  4. WhoseNumber – uses all legal ways to find out as many details as it can on any searched number.
  5. GreatPeopleSearch – it carries out this orderly arrangement with great speed.


Numlooker is a simple-to-use reverse phone lookup site. It has an excellent user interface that is based on uncomplicated design, smooth navigation, and detailed procedure on how to maximize its features.

Numlooker is connected to every major public domain database available to the public. In addition, it is connected to a network of search algorithms, which allows it to spin out information at a fast rate. This algorithm incorporates a digital footprint search protocol. This protocol allows it to query the social record of the searched number across various social media platforms simultaneously.

It can generate data on any number within the United States to the smallest details. It provides information about any search phones contact such as full name, previous and present address, family genealogy, close friends and associates, social media details, and even social records such as crime rate and employment status.

Numlooker also incorporates other features such as email lookup, background check, and personal lookup to improve its search feature. This allows it to perform a background check even when the phone number of the individual is unavailable.


  • Simple Search Procedure: All that is needed is to type the phone number to be searched into the search bar and with a click, the result is out.
  • Accuracy of Information: Numlooker uses up-to-date information to produce its report and it constantly face-out obsolete data.


  • Unavailable outside the US: the search is restricted to numbers in the US. 

Get A Detailed Report Of The Last Received An Unknown Call On Numlooker


The USPhoneLookup is a free and secure online reverse phone lookup service that allows you to gather background information on any caller simply by utilizing the digits of their phone number. 

The information provided would contain at least the complete identity, contact information, residential address, family and friends details, and contacts.

It has connected to a wide range of official records across local, state, and federal agencies. Since the information is gathered from these sources it is more accurate than those obtained from other reverse lookup sites.

It is also considered to be one of the fastest reverse lookup sites, as it provides details in less than three minutes.


  • Speed of Result: It provides search results in a few minutes.
  • Ease of Use: the website is very easy to navigate 


  • Restricted to the US: it can only provide useful information on contacts resident in the United States.

Use USPhoneLookup To Get A Free Reverse Phone Lookup On The Last Unknown Caller


USPhoneSearch is one of the popular reverse phone lookup sites. It can track the details of a phone number and even provide the current area and location of the number as displayed on the map. Its advanced filter algorithm makes it possible to filter out irrelevant data on the report. It also carries out regular updates of its database by correlating them with public records to ensure that address information is used to generate the searched results.


  • Credible information: It is connected to the US public domain database hence there is only address information
  • User privacy: The site ensures that all searched data are encrypted.


  • Cumbersome report: the reports are not simplified enough for all numbers.

Lookup The Last Unknown Caller On USPhoneSearch


WhoseNumber uses all legal ways to find out as many details as it can on any searched number. It scans the internet for every trace of data associated with the number. It scans through government databases, online phone directories, and various search engines simultaneously to squeeze out all the information about the unknown number.

WhoseNumber provides a 24/7 support team. They are ready to answer every question till maximum satisfaction is delivered.


  • 24/7 Support team: The support team members are professional, friendly, and always available to help 
  • Free of Charge: No charge is needed to access any level of information


  • Omissions in Report: The site sometimes omits details other reversed lookup sites would have provided.

Get A Free Reverse Phone Lookup Report On WhoseNumber


Greatpeoplesearch is an excellent reverse lookup site. It organizes reports in an intelligible manner.

Most importantly, it carries out this orderly arrangement with great speed. The search algorithm filters through its network of search engines, social records, and database of government agencies. 

Its report provides extra details about the owner of the phone number such as employment status, properties, and business.

It can search for landline and mobile phone numbers, it can also carry out phone lookups on VoIP numbers that link callers’ IP addresses.

Its platform is also compatible with mobile and desktop Devices.


  • Optimized Report: Its report is optimized to be well presented 
  • Compatibility to all devices: It can be viewed on every device with no restrictions.


  • Limited to US-only searches.

Use Greatpeoplesearch To Find Out More About The Last Caller.

Why is Numlooker the best reverse lookup tool?

There are various reverse lookup tools on the internet but Numlooker stands out as the best among them for several reasons.

Some of the reasons are succinctly explained below.

  • Extensive Report: The generated report on Numlooker is more detailed compared to every other reverse lookup site. This is attributed to its improved algorithm which allows it to dig up useful information on the owner of the phone number. Unlike other sites, NumLooker profiles the individual’s criminal record and court cases.

If the number searched is associated with a business or service provider, it gives details on the kind of business, operating location, and assets 

  • Data encryption and User Privacy: The high-end encryption protocol used by Numlooker is comparable to none. The site does not keep a history of searched numbers. Also, it ensures the confidentiality of its users by the use of encryptions which also ensures that the searched number is not aware of the search.
  • Reliable Information: Numlooker provides only up-to-date information in its report. It generates its report using the most recently published public records. It also carries out regular updates on all its database records, comparing them with the results of its online footprints search engine.


Reverse phone lookup service is an important tool in today’s world. It is a good wall of defense against scammers, digital stalkers, and pranksters who are prowling for victims. Aside from that, it is a quick way to avoid picking up long and boring telemarketing calls that disrupt a productive day. It is a stress-free way to identify the person behind a phone number.

Due to the increased demand for reverse lookup sites, there has been an influx of different sites that pose as quality service providers, many of which provide quick reports. The above review was carried out to identify the best site to eliminate the time wasted in trying out these poorly developed sites.

Of all the sites reviewed, Numlooker ranks highest as the best reverse phone lookup service provider because of several reasons, some of which are reliable content, high-end data encryption, User privacy policy, and a gigantic database.

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