How To Configure Your IONOS Email to Work With Gmail

    Any email program will allow you to utilize your IONOS email address. Just open the software of your choice and enter your email credentials and IONOS webmail login server settings.

    To do it on your desktop, follow these steps: Initially Ensure that your company email is set up for SMTP:

    Step 1: Sign in to Gmail by clicking this link:

    Step 2: Click the gear in the upper right corner.

    Step 3: Select the “See All Settings” button under Settings.

    Step 4: Select the Import and Accounts Tab.

    Step 5: Click “Add a mail account” after scrolling down to the section that reads “Check mail from other accounts.”

    Step 6: Click Next Step after entering your email address, “,” in the pop-up window that appears.

    Step 7: Make sure the password you usually use for your Ionos email account is correct. Under Username, enter your webmail login credentials, “”

    Select the “secured connection with TLS” check box, enter the SMTP server address ( and port (587), and then click Add Account.

    Step 8: The final action is to confirm: You’ll receive a confirmation code via email. Finally, get access to the IONOS Webmail Login account using this link: Then, view the email from the “Gmail Team.” After pasting the number, click “verify.” The pop-up window vanishes, and you’re done! Hooray! THAT CLOSES UP YOUR ABILITY TO SEND BUSINESS EMAILS THROUGH YOUR GMAIL.

    Step 9: Return to Gmail and confirm that “Reply from the same address the message was sent to” is selected.

    SMTP settings: TLS should be enabled, port 587 should be used, and the SMTP server should be

    Make Your Company Take Off!

    Afterwards Make sure your company email is set up in POP:

    Step 1: Continue to use Gmail.

    Step 2: In the “ACCOUNTS & IMPORTS” settings section, beneath the SAME tab – You will notice “Check mail from other accounts” below “SEND MAIL AS.” SEARCH FOR “Add a mail account.”

    Step 3: When a pop-up window appears, click Next Step and enter your email address, “”

    Step 4: The only option available is to “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” as you proceed to the next step. Select NEXT.

    Step 5: Type in your email address “” under Username. Then, type in the password you typically use on IONOS, 1and1 webmail. Make sure the password is correct.

    Check the box next to “Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail” for POP Server: 

    • Pop Server: and Port: 995. and lastly select “Add Account.”
    • POP Server 2: is port 995.

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