Hiking Trails Around The World That Rugged Travellers Can Experience

    Embarking on global hiking trails immerses adventurers in nature’s beauty, witness breathtaking landscapes, and push physical limits. From Australia’s rugged coasts to Japan’s majestic mountains, these trails promise unparalleled adventure and discovery. However, as travellers venture into the wilderness, it’s imperative to consider the importance of international travel insurance. This vital safeguard ensures peace of mind and security, allowing hikers to focus on the exhilarating journey ahead without worrying about unforeseen circumstances.

    1. Australia’s Great Ocean Walk

    Australia’s Great Ocean Walk offers a breathtaking 68-mile coastal journey along the Southern Ocean, starting at Apollo Bay and concluding at the iconic Twelve Apostles. Hikers encounter unique Australian sights such as koalas in eucalyptus trees, wallabies along headlands, and serene beaches with expansive views. Walkers can choose between designated campsites, off-walk accommodations, or guided tours for a structured experience.

    2. Sweden’s Kungsleden

    Spanning 270 miles through Lapland, Sweden’s Kungsleden, or King’s Trail, offers a secluded, otherworldly atmosphere with constant midsummer daylight and the aurora borealis in August and September. Divided into sections, the famous 65-mile stretch from Abisko to Nikkaluokta takes 10 to 12 days, while the full trail requires about a month. Local guides and huts provided by the Swedish Tourism Association offer guided or self-supported accommodation options.

    3. UK’s Wales Coast Path

    Wales Coast Path, an 870-mile trail encircling the entire nation, showcases the Pembrokeshire and Gower Coast’s sculpted headlands. The route features over 600 castles, adding historical charm. May to September is the best time to explore the quilted pasturelands, Neolithic burial sites, and abundant wildlife. Tour operators assist with daily planning, while independent walkers can use tent camps or reserve huts.

    4. Jordan’s Jordan Trail

    Established in 2015, the Jordan Trail spans 420 miles from Um Qais to Aqaba, offering a diverse landscape of hills, cliffs, the Lost City of Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Red Sea. March, April, October, and November are ideal for the 40-day trek. Guided group hikes or hiring a private guide are practical options, with approved lodging providers for reservations.

    5. Japan’s Gotemba Trail

    The Gotemba Trail on Japan’s Mt. Fuji, the nation’s highest peak, presents a challenging climb with four primary routes. Hikers ascend over two days, experiencing the enduring views and sense of accomplishment at the summit. Climbing season is from early July to mid-September, and the trail, while not technically challenging, attracts around 300,000 visitors annually.

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    Exploring hiking trails worldwide is a thrilling endeavour that promises unforgettable experiences and profound connections with nature. Each trail offers unique allure and challenges, from the sweeping vistas of Sweden’s Kungsleden to the ancient pathways of Jordan’s Jordan Trail. However, amidst the excitement of international travel, rugged travellers must prioritise their safety and well-being by obtaining comprehensive travel insurance

    By doing so, adventurers can navigate the trails with confidence, knowing that they are prepared for any unexpected events that may arise along the way. With international travel insurance as their reliable companion, hikers can embark on their journeys with the freedom to explore, discover, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *

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