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Explore the Benefits of Ocean Freight Shipping

Seas have been an effective means of transport for people across the globe since time immemorial. We understand that the most frequently used and popular ways for seamless international delivery are air freight and ocean freight. You would be using these two options while shipping things, automobiles, and other such shipments, whether for personal reasons or business purposes. There exists a major difference between these two types of cargo. Airfreight involves the transportation of cargo by jet while ocean freight involves using ships. Several parameters play a vital role in determining if you should transport cargo via air or ocean freight tracking.

Remember that both air freight and ocean freight boast unique benefits, and you need to consider certain vital factors each time you are thinking of transporting things around the world. The four main factors are speed, volume, dependability, and of course, the cost for transporting particular cargo to the preferred destination. Some other parameters to be considered are time, distance coverage, security, logistics, and impact on the environment.

For sending cargo across the globe, ocean freight shipping could be the most viable and cost-effective option. It is one of the most common, oldest, and available means for freight transportation because waterways and oceans are known to cover the majority of Mother Earth. Over 90% of the things transported internationally are carried seamlessly by the global shipping industry. However, you must be wondering why a shipper would opt for ocean transport when there are some other options open to him like rail, road, and air transportation. In this context, let us explore the chief benefits of ocean freight.

Efficiency is the Key

Ocean freight companies are investing in technology that is known to integrate your supply chain along with your operations transparently and intelligently. They have also understood the benefits of freight association.

Regardless of the shipment size, ocean freight organizations are generally capable of accommodating your requirements. We have witnessed that often smaller shipments are grouped seamlessly together with some other cargo for filling a container thus, facilitating cost-sharing in terms of the shipping and transportation services.

Relatively bulkier cargo could be filling up a single or more containers thus, offering unparalleled bulk options to shippers. Moreover, vessels seem to be the best way of moving high cargo volumes because they have been designed for carrying huge amounts of raw materials and other goods.

Ocean freight services are known to be super-efficient today. According to Forbes, the global trade scenario has undergone a dramatic change in response to customer demands for quicker delivery times. Hence, businesses are always on their toes as they are under immense pressure to be agile for effectively catering to and fulfilling client expectations. Today, technology plays a pivotal role in making sure that you are having perfect visibility for seeing you through the shipping process.

The Most Cost-Effective Option

Ocean freight shipping could be time-consuming, but it has major price advantages over an air courier. You may focus your attention on the enormous price difference between ocean freight and air freight today. Ocean shipping seems to be generally four to almost six times relatively less expensive, as compared to, sending cargo by air.

An Eco-Friendly Option

Cargo ships are more environmentally sound for shipping products as compared to cargo airliners. We know that cargo airliners adversely impact the environment as they are known to release a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere. Moreover, cargo airliners could end up contributing to global warming as well.


There can be no match for ocean freight shipping in terms of transporting bulky or heavy cargo. Moreover, ocean freight shipping is supposed to be the best option for ensuring total safety while transporting some hazardous materials and chemicals. Maritime employees are well-equipped with special training to ship hazardous goods. Ocean freight shipping seems to have a much lower carbon footprint. It releases less exhaust gas emissions in terms of a ton of cargo shipped in comparison to other shipment methods.

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