Effective User Acquisition Strategies for Startups

    In today’s digital world, thousands of products and apps are being launched every single day. This is increasing the customer acquisition costs. On the other hand, customers are losing trust in certain companies due to misuse of their data.

    In this challenging scenario, it is important for every company to come up with unique user acquisition strategies and gain the trust of their customers.

    In this article, we have covered in detail regarding what user acquisition is and some of the best strategies to acquire new customers for your business.

    What is User Acquisition?

    User acquisition is a process of getting potential people to buy your service or products. It is important to have a good user acquisition strategy in place to get new customers and increase the revenue for businesses.

    On the surface level, marketing, and user acquisition might look the same, but they are different in the actual world. For example, if you are running an ad campaign for your business, it helps create awareness among your target audience. That is called marketing strategy. But, user acquisition will help you identify the number of visitors through the ad campaign who turned into paying customers.

    In short, marketing drives awareness, while user acquisition helps drive revenues.

    Check out the different user acquisition strategies below!

    User Acquisition Strategies

    Organic Search

    Organic search refers to ranking your company website in major search engines like Google and Bing. You must invest in customer acquisition channels like Search Engine Optimization that complement the content marketing efforts.

    When you Google something, you often click on the results that appear on the first page, right? Similarly, it is important to rank your business for the relevant keywords your audience is likely to search.

    Mobile App-Based Push Notifications

    Mobile app-based push notifications are created in the mobile app, and they often appear as in-app notifications or pop-ups on the lock screen or home screen. These notifications can also appear on smart devices like smartwatches when the app is installed on the watch.

    Businesses can use app-based push notifications for location-specific offers, order deliveries, booking appointments, etc. This is one of the best user acquisition strategies, as the number of mobile users is increasing year on year.

    The App-based push notifications are very helpful for businesses because these notifications appear to the users on their mobile screens on the go, and when used rightly, it creates a sense of emergency for them to purchase from your store.

    If your business does not have a mobile app, it is recommended to convert your website to a mobile app to reach a larger audience. With the help of Convertixo, you can convert your website to an app within a few minutes. The best part is it does not require any coding knowledge, and maintenance is not required.

    Some key benefits of converting your website to the app with Convertixo are:

    • It does not require any maintenance like other companies.
    • You need not have any coding skills to convert your website to an app.
    • Pricing is very reasonable. So, you need not burn a hole in your pocket.
    • You can integrate push notifications once your website is converted to the app.
    • Once the website is converted to the app, you can upload it yourself on the Play Store or App Store. However, if you require any assistance, the team will help you with uploading the app.

    App Store Optimization

    Once you have the mobile app ready, it is important to have good rankings for your app in the Play Store and App Store as well. Just like SEO, you need to optimize your app and its description for a variety of keywords your audience is likely to search.

    Once you start ranking for the relevant keywords, more users are likely to download your app and use it. For finding the relevant keywords, you can spy on your competitors apps and how did they list in the app store.

    Paid Advertising

    Paid advertising, like Facebook ads, Google ads, etc., is another great way to reach your target audience immediately. Since the number of social media users is increasing day by day, running paid ad campaigns on Facebook will help you reach a larger audience.

    On the other hand, companies like Google have a large set of advertisers and publishers. Running PPC ad campaigns on a platform like Google will display your company ads on the partner websites along with the organic search results. This increases the chances of your company being found by searchers.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the best customer acquisition strategies. Companies can leverage the emails collected to connect with their users and convert them to customers.

    Many people mistake email marketing as one of the oldest and most outdated methods for customer acquisition. However, this is not true. Whether a simple birthday email or sending exciting deals to your customers, email marketing is the best way to stay connected with the user.

    With personalized email marketing, you can win the customer’s trust and repeat sales in the long run. For this, make sure to understand your buyer persona and start sending relevant emails that educates your users about the product and also solves their problem.


    Referrals are one of the proven user acquisition methods. Through your existing customers, you can try getting new customers for your business. You can create new referral programs to encourage your customers to bring in new customers.

    If you are a B2B, asking for a direct referral works. In case you are a B2C business, then incentive based referral program works. Whatever strategy you opt for, make sure to provide value to your customers first and then ask for the referrals.

    Virtual Events

    Virtual events like webinars, conferences, etc., are the next best thing to connect with your target audience. For most of these virtual events, audience have to register with their working email ID and attend the event. Through this information, you can stay connected with the attendees and convert them to customers in the long run.

    Moreover, webinars and other online events helps the target audience to understand your business better. So, hosting regular online events will yield fruitful results in acquiring new customers for your business.

    Video Marketing

    With the increase in number of mobile users, the consumption of videos has increased in the current generation. As a company, you must aim to create visually appealing content that connects with your target audience. This helps your brand reach to global audience and in turn acquires new customers for your business.


    We hope this article has provided you with enough insights on the user acquisition strategies. Make sure to follow any or all of the strategies mentioned above, and improve your customer base.

    Also, make sure to focus on the sustainable user acquisition model, as it yields better results in the long run.

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