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Choosing the Right Shipping Method: Optimizing Delivery from China to Canada


Have you ever wondered how China provides the whole world with inexpensive and high-quality products? Most likely, you will confidently answer that goods can be delivered by land, water, and air, and you will be absolutely right. All these methods have significant differences. How they differ — read below.

Three ways of delivery 

When shipping from China to Canada, you can save either time or money. So, you can charter a space on an airplane, a ship, or a car.

Sea Freight 

Today, the vast majority of cargo moving is carried out by sea. The invention of standardized containers greatly reduced costs and simplified the process. Sea transportation will cost you the least. If you have a large batch, then you will save even more due to the quantity. On the other hand, the sea freight from China to Canada will last about two weeks plus time for customs clearance. Therefore, if you need urgent delivery, it is better to choose an airplane. It is also pointless to ship 1-2 small boxes by sea.

Air freight 

Obviously, the cargo will be delivered much faster by plane. But due to the small capacity, the cost of such a service will be several times more expensive. If a ship can carry tens of thousands of tons at a time, then an airplane can only lift a few tens of tons. The price of fuel is also higher — all this explains the huge logistics expenditures. It’s not economically feasible to transport large consignments of goods in this way. This method is often chosen for small batches of expensive goods (drugs, etc.).

Ground Transportation 

Ground transportation is relevant in the case of the movement of goods within the mainland. It is impossible to deliver goods through the ocean by land. However, they can be part of a multimodal door-to-door delivery. Their cost is higher than the sea but lower than aviation. The speed is also average. As you can see, each shipping method has its pros and cons. To choose the most profitable option, it is better to contact a specialist.

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