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Career Planning Tips for CDL Students


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Completing your training and obtaining a CDL widens your options, giving you a choice among many different careers. The demand for truck drivers is high, and the CDL truck driver salary grows so that many individuals will pursue their careers in the industry. 

The first step to a career in the trucking industry is to join a driving school to obtain a license. After getting the CDL, students have various options to explore. This post guides you through the steps in your career planning journey, so make sure to go through them!

Start researching jobs well ahead

Going through job postings can be done even before you complete your training and obtain your license. It is recommended that you check the available jobs and get a sense of what the market looks like. Also, you might discover new jobs that involve driving that you haven’t thought of before. This step is beneficial in your career planning journey since it provides insights into the actual situation in the market.

How to find trucking jobs? Visit the job posting sites and apply the filters to reach the trucking jobs. Also, you can check the specialized job sites in this niche. But also, consider checking the websites of your local trucking companies. In most cases, they have a section with open job positions that might interest you.

Determine the job you want

To plan your career, you need to consider your needs. This is something that every individual does, regardless of the industry they wish to position in. Think about the salary you want to receive and the conditions. Also, make it clear whether you are okay with being away from home or wishing to return home every day. For students, a truck driving job that includes traveling across the states is a fun experience. You get to travel and explore new places while still getting paid. However, there are driving jobs that cover the local area if you aren’t the type who likes to travel. With so many options available, it is up to you to determine what kind of job would suit your wishes.

When planning a career, it is essential to consider your skills and weaknesses. Some like to work in a team, while others prefer to do it solo. Also, some might not be keen on working with customers.

Learn from people in the industry

Learning from the ones with experience in the industry is another excellent way to plan your direction. Have a conversation with people with different roles in trucking to get to know more. They can share insider info on how to enter the industry and land the job you want. 

The first person to talk to is your driving instructor. They likely have experience in the industry and have trained many successful drivers. 

Prepare your resume

A resume is essential for getting a job. Therefore you should make sure to polish yours to perfection. Crafting a good resume takes time, and you never know when an opportunity will appear. Have your resume ready to go and update it as you get your certificates and experience. If you put together a resume last minute might not get you the job you are after. 

Final take

Planning your career requires a few crucial steps. These will prepare you for what comes next and makes your career path clear. Determine what kind of job you want to find. Talk to people in the industry, scan the job postings, and prepare a polished resume that positions you as a professional

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