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Car rental in Kyiv: advantages and relevance of classic car rental before carsharing

In Kyiv, the car rental industry is extremely developed – from new-fangled carsharing to classic rental.

You can rent a car in a matter of minutes in the online application (if we are talking about carsharing) or by spending a little more time booking a car as part of a regular rental.

The main advantage of carsharing is a contactless rental method, because everything is done online using the installed application (search for a car that is nearby, reservation, payment for the service, handing over the car), as well as convenience (you need a car in Kyiv – choose the nearest options).

But the price of carsharing when renting for several days can be unpleasantly surprising, because this option is profitable only for short-term rental.

If you need a car for more than 1 day, then it is better to stop your choice on a classic rental, the services of which are provided by the Car Rent UA company.


Classic car rental in Kyiv: advantages

Moving around the capital in a comfortable car, whether in a frosty winter or a hot summer, is much more pleasant than in an overcrowded minibus or a slow trolleybus.

However, not all Kyiv residents have their own cars. And guests of the capital often need cars for the period of their stay in the city. After all, both during business trips and during trips of an entertainment nature, traveling by rented car provides many advantages.

  • Independence – renting a car in Kyiv makes it possible not to adjust your plans to the schedule of city transport and not to waste time waiting for it at stops.
  • Availability – the price of renting a car for a day in Kyiv can be much lower than calling a taxi several times during the day.
  • Convenience – the entire process of renting a car (from choosing the right model on the website of the car rental company to actually receiving the car) takes no more than 2 hours for new customers and about 30 minutes for regular Car Rent UA customers.
  • Customer orientation – the main goal of Car Rent UA is to provide quality car rental services so that each new customer becomes a regular one!
  • Versatility – the company rents out cars for various purposes: for personal use, rental with departure abroad, rental on a long-term basis, including for sole proprietorships and legal entities, rental with the right of redemption.

Thus, car rental in Kyiv opens up unlimited possibilities for moving around the city and gives the driver true independence from any external circumstances.

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When car rental is relevant

Renting a car in Kyiv can be relevant in many situations.

The most common of them are the following.

  1. Car rental for daily use. If you don’t have your own car, renting a car becomes a great way out of the situation.
  2. For business trips and business meetings. It may happen that the client’s car does not correspond to his status, so a rational decision in this case would be to rent a car of the premium segment.
  3. When moving or for transporting bulky items. The services of companies that specialize in the transportation of luggage are quite expensive. With small amounts of belongings, it is much more profitable to rent a car for 1-2 days and to transport your belongings from one address to another several times.
  4. Rent a car for a trip abroad or on vacation. Car Rent UA provides all the necessary documents for driving a rented car outside of Ukraine.
  5. Car rental for holidays, weddings, corporate parties. Refined executive cars will not only decorate any holiday, but also provide the most comfortable ride for participants of a solemn event or holiday.

In fact, there are many reasons why people rent cars. The above are only the most popular reasons given by Car Rent UA clients.

Go to the website of the Car Rent UA company, book a car you like, rent it and use a comfortable car to your heart’s content!

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