Briansclub: A Secretive Haven for Cybercriminals


Briansclub is a darknet marketplace where cybercriminals buy and sell stolen credit card data. Learn about the workings of this elusive platform and its impact on the cyber security landscape.


In the vast expanse of the internet lies a hidden world where cybercriminals thrive. This underworld is home to marketplaces where stolen data, such as credit card information, is sold and bought by criminals. One such marketplace is Briansclub, a secretive haven for cybercriminals that has managed to evade law enforcement agencies for years.

What is Briansclub?

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Briansclub is a darknet marketplace where cybercriminals buy and sell stolen credit card data. It was first discovered in 2019 and has since gained notoriety for being one of the largest and most active carding shops on the internet. The marketplace is named after its creator, who goes by the name “Brian Krebs.”

How does Briansclub work? operates similarly to other dark net marketplaces. It is accessible only through the Tor network, which ensures users’ anonymity. The marketplace sells stolen credit card data in batches, with prices ranging from a few dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the card’s credit limit and validity.

The process of buying and selling on Briansclub goes as follows 

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  1. Cybercriminals steal credit card data through various means, such as phishing or hacking into websites that store card details.
  2. They upload the stolen data onto Briansclub, where it is verified for validity and credit limit.
  3. The data is then sorted into batches and put up for sale on the marketplace.
  4. Cybercriminals interested in buying the data can browse through the listings and purchase the batches they want.
  5. The purchased data is then used for fraudulent activities, such as making unauthorized purchases or withdrawing money from ATMs.

Impact on the Cybersecurity Landscape

Briansclub’s existence and success highlight the severity of the problem of credit card fraud. The marketplace is estimated to have facilitated the sale of more than 9 million stolen credit cards, causing losses amounting to millions of dollars. Its activities have also put the personal and financial information of millions of people at risk.

The marketplace’s operations have made it clear that even large companies are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and cyber security measures need to be improved to prevent such attacks. Briansclub’s success has also exposed the limitations of law enforcement agencies in tracking down and shutting down cybercriminals.

FAQs about Briansclub

  • What measures are being taken to shut down Briansclub?

  • Law enforcement agencies worldwide are working to identify and apprehend the individuals behind Briansclub. In October 2020, the US Department of Justice charged three individuals associated with the marketplace, including its alleged creator, Brian Krebs.
  • Is it illegal to buy credit card data from Briansclub?

  • Yes, it is illegal to purchase and use stolen credit card data, regardless of where it was acquired from. 
  • What can individuals do to protect themselves from credit card fraud? 

  • Individuals can take several measures to protect themselves from credit card fraud, such as: 
  1. Regularly monitoring credit card statements for unauthorized transactions.
  2. Setting up alerts for any transactions made using the credit card.
  3. Using credit cards with chip-and-pin technology, which is more secure than traditional magnetic stripe cards. 
  4. Avoiding sharing credit card details with anyone, especially over unsecured networks.
  5. Regularly updating computer security software and using strong, unique passwords for all online accounts.


Briansclub is just one example of the darknet marketplaces where cybercriminals conduct their illicit activities. Its success and longevity highlight the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in tracking and apprehending cybercriminals.

The impact of Briansclub’s operations on the cybersecurity landscape is significant, as it highlights the need for improved cybersecurity measures and increased awareness of the risks of credit card fraud.

Individuals must take steps to protect themselves from credit card fraud, such as regularly monitoring their credit card statements and using more secure payment methods.

While it may seem like an insurmountable task to shut down platforms like Briansclub, it is crucial to continue the fight against cybercrime and take steps to prevent future attacks.