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Best 7 Websites for Magento 2 in 2023


Up to 2022, Magento will continue to be one of the most widely used eCommerce systems. The Magento platform offers a state-of-the-art codebase, a notable feature set that includes B2B capability, and an exceptional user experience. Your e-commerce site will stand out from the crowd if you have the ideal blend of inspiration and innovation.

Store owners, are you still undecided about using the Magento platform? Check out the collection of stunning Magento website examples from well-known and important companies below. 

Examples of Magento Websites

Big Bus Tours

“Hop-on, hop-off” bus trips are provided by Big Bus Tours in ten different cities across four continents. Its Magento website, which was released in late 2016, has easy navigation and a seamless user experience that make it simple to find its goods and services.

Magento Commerce (Adobe Commerce) was the ideal option since the tour business was required to launch across 18 foreign domains with a content-rich, mobile-first, and fully responsive website that could serve B2B and B2C on a worldwide scale.

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S’well was established to assist in the global plastic water bottle ban. Along with the company’s bottles, tumblers, and accessories, fascinating material about its eco-friendly goods is tastefully provided.

It is the epitome of how to use Magento Commerce to match your content and commerce skills, and we are in love with the crisp layout and photo-worthy content of this website.

Land Rover

Although Land Rover is known for producing some of the best SUVs and all-terrain vehicles, they also have a website that focuses on providing a wide selection of clothes for adults, adolescents, and children. Even presents and other items are sold there, such as fashionable keychains, travel mugs, baseball hats, and so on.

They upgraded their webshop to Magento 2 and incorporated it into their main website to perform effectively in online stores. This allowed them to display special offers and items in carousel images with a white backdrop.


A fine jewelry firm with a long history like Boodles must stay on top of contemporary trends and cutting-edge technologies. Boodles was being held back by its current platform, which did not provide an omnichannel experience.

The new website has to link Boodle’s in-store and online experiences, making it simple for consumers to browse certain items online and schedule an in-person appointment with shop employees. Therefore, upgrading to the Magento 2 Open Source platform was essential for Boodles.


Monin sells syrup, Sugarfina carries high-end sweets, and Gertrude Hawk sells chocolate. These three companies are well-known candy stores worldwide. To reach and analyze their clients more effectively and to develop their businesses, these retailers require an efficient online distribution channel. They decided to use Magento for this.


Unilever is the owner of the snack firm Graze, which is situated in the UK. It provides more than 200 snack combos and sends out thousands of snack boxes every day throughout the UK. You may get sweet and savory food on the website. Customers may choose from a variety of vegan goods.


The website is well-known and provides consumers with easy navigation. The firm has benefited from Magento web development by using it to enhance its digital marketing strategy. The website’s landing page is one of the greatest Magento examples since it loads quickly and has a stunning appearance that keeps people interested. The checkout page has unmatched functionality and quickness.

The New Craftsmen

The New Craftsmen’s aim, which is distinct from that of many other websites, is to put their crafts at the center of the user experience and to highlight their exceptional works in every last detail. For crafts of The New Craftsmen’s caliber, it’s important to consider not just the finished item but also the sources of inspiration, the working methods, and the stories that go into creating it.

Magento 2 was selected as a strong basis for their seamless, offline-accessible client experience in order to make all of this feasible. Additionally, an omnichannel strategy was used to promote the workshop’s activities and build its audience.


You may choose the greatest Magento 2 website out of all these excellent options. If you are constructing an eCommerce website, decide which features you want to include. Top IT outsourcing businesses can aid you if you’re wanting to construct an eCommerce website. You might be included in the list of the top Magento 2 eCommerce websites because of the design of your website and how simple it is to navigate.

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