What measures are you taking to keep your workplace safe?

Although we’re getting it (somewhat) under control, Coronavirus is still here and still having an effect on thousands of lives every day. We all have a part to play in keeping strong and sticking to the rules, and if you run a business you have more of a responsibility than others.

It’s vital you keep everyone involved in your brand safe from the virus, from the people who work from you to the clients who buy your products – and hand sanitiser won’t cut it! You need to invest in innovative new ways to up the safety of your business, and antimicrobial paper may be the answer.

Find out what it is and how it can help your business in this guide.

What is Antimicrobial Paper?

Antimicrobial paper products are the newest thing in stationary hygiene. The paper is either infused or coated with an antimicrobial agent that repels pathogens that cause viruses, such as Covid-19, E-coli, and MRSA. Since regular paper is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses (especially when touched by lots of hands!) you can start to see why this is so beneficial.

The antimicrobial coating works by creating a surface that pathogens can’t live on. We know that Covid can live for up to a whopping five days on paper products, which gives it a lot of time to spread! But, with antimicrobial paper, it will die very quickly after it transfers onto it and stops the spread in its track.

What Are the Benefits of Antimicrobial Paper Products?

There are tons of benefits of adding an antimicrobial paper coating to your paper, especially if you’re a business! Let’s dive into some of them here.

Create a Sanitary Workplace

Your workspaces are going to be full of bacteria and germs. Even with staff wearing masks and using hand sanitizer, viruses can still get through! By using antimicrobial paper products, you help to create a more sanitary workspace.

You can see this benefit throughout offices, factories, and other workspaces. From receptionists taking notes to pass on, to the staff who have to work with your paper products, the simple solution of an anitmocrobial coating instantly improves hygiene practices in the workplace. Make sure that staff know that you’ve upgraded your paper to improve their impression of your company!

Avoid Spreading Coronavirus to Clients

We all have a responsibility to stop the spread of coronavirus, and antimicrobial paper could be a big help in your workspace. If someone unknowingly has the virus and they write a letter or even touch a piece of paper, they may spread it to anyone else who touches the paper. In an office, this could be disastrous!

But, by using a paper that doesn’t allow viruses to live on the surface, you stop that in its tracks. You can keep your space free of the virus, helping your staff stay safe and keeping your business open and thriving.

Help Your Branding

In such a competitive world, clear and appealing branding is essential. A successful business is about so much more than your products or services these days! By using antimicrobial paper, you can show how you’re going the extra mile to keep your staff, customers, and the world safe, which should resonate with a lot of people and help build connections with your brand.

Add even more of a boost to your branding by using these eco-friendly office supplies and antimicrobial paper, which is going to appeal to all the earth-conscious shoppers out there (and there are a lot!).

Increase Your Revenue

While workplace hygiene is important, so is your revenue. If you sell a lot of paper products, having antimicrobial options could help boost your sales. Whether you’re a seller of stationery or paper plays a big part in your product ranges, add antimicrobial ranges and watch your profits grow.

What Uses Are There For Antimicrobial Paper?

If you want to create a sanitary workplace, improve your branding, and boost your revenue with antimicrobial products, there are so many different paper items you can use it for!

In the office, you can use it for any paper that’s going to be shared around the workspace. This could be staff information leaflets, for taking notes that are going to be passed on, and for meeting agendas that are handed out. Basically, anything that’s going to be handled by more than just you could be printed on antimicrobial paper!

You can also use it when sending products to clients. If you usually include paper products in your parcels, from product information to thank you notes, this is a great way to keep your customers safe from viruses. Make sure they know you’ve used antimicrobial paper by including a header or footer about the coating!

You can also get very high-quality antimicrobial paper that’s perfect for high-quality paper goods. This could be anything from business cards to posters and greetings cards for sale.

Essentially, anything you can make from regular paper you can make from antimicrobial paper, too! So, why not make the switch and help stop the spread of nasty viruses through your business?

Improve Your Business Strategies

Using antimicrobial paper has tons of benefits for businesses, from improving hygiene in the workplace to enhancing your branding. If you’re reassessing your business strategies and working on brand growth, it could be a great change to implement! But this is just the start; there are so many ways that you can improve your company and help it thrive.

If that’s your goal, be sure to check out more article on our blog! We’ve got tons of tips to help you focus on business growth, including SEO and emerging technology.

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